12 things to remember when looking for apartments

12 things to remember when looking for apartments

Adulting sucks.

1. Location/neighborhood

You must know the neighborhood, the surrounding areas, how comfortable you are with the area in terms of living, driving and overall safety.

2. Rent* cost

Figuring out if the rent* has utitlies or other amenities included in the cost.

Some people may find really cheap base rent but high utitliy cost or other monthly fees to make up for it.

3. Monthly fees

Such as for pets

Trash valet services*

Utitlies under a different company and etc

4. Size of the apartment

Don't be fooled by the numbers online, it's better to look at the apartment in person and figure out if your furniture can even fit first of all. The apartment may have bigger square footage, but the dimension might be weird and they may not have a sizable doorway all those things.

5. Parking situations

If there's assigned parking spots or a fee for additional cars and etc.

6. Unexpected rules

Restrictions and complex rules

Watch out for the restrictions they may have despite how appealing the complex looks.

7. Personal experiences

Talk to people who has personal experience with the complex and their company. Talking about how fats maintenance is, what they charge and etc. How fast a landlord or complex fix issues and how they deal with neighbors and all sorts of other conflicts.

8. Roommates

Please please if you are going to have roommates, make sure you can trust them. Over 50% of problems people have with roommates is distrust and dishonesty. There needs to be more open communication, need to understand how other people live and compromise with each other to make living bearable. Sign a contract and have a 3rd party witness there to see that the people in the party signed and will adhere to the rules and their end of the bargain about rent, money, groceries, laundry and etc.

9. Affordability

Make sure you can afford the rent and other surprise costs that may occur. Have at least enough money for a deposit and one month of rent. Talk to the landlord or complex about late fees, or leeway on when rent is supposed to be due.

10. Commute

This goes back to location. Find out the common places you frequent too and how long it takes to get there, as well as the traffic patterns.

11. Inspection

Do a complete walkthrough of the exact unit you want to rent. Make sure the toilet runs, the sink runs, the bathtub drains, the shower works and the water pressure as well as heat, plus the AC and heater. Check if there is centralized heater and/or AC. Open and close any doors, windows, cabinets, drawers the unit may have.

12. Document everything

Before you officially move in and make any payment toward the unit make sure to take pictures of everything and anything you see especially stain marks, broken Furniture, mold anything that is less than stellar so when you finally leave that the landlord or complex cannot charge you for something that was already there before you moved in.

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To My Past Self Before I Graduate From College: Soon Enough It Will All Work Out

Hang in there, kid, you've got this!

Dear 2016 me,

I remember exactly how you felt like it was yesterday. You’re trying your best to keep it together, but in reality, you’re barely holding on. Stress is hitting you from all sides and all you want to do is sleep. You’re confused about everything in your life, especially your future.

You’re not sure what you’re going to do after graduation. You aren’t even sure that you’ll make it very far past graduation. I know how you feel and I sympathize with you.

But I’m here to tell you not to give up.

I know that it may seem like your future is going to be full of stress, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, the first few months after graduation will be tiring and monotonous as you try to find the energy to apply for jobs while getting your anxiety under control, but that’s just the first few months.

After that, you will find a job that you will love more than anything: substitute teaching. You’ll make connections at work and gain more confidence than you could ever imagine. It will lead you towards a new career path that you had ruled out for many years. But in order to get there, you need to get your bachelor’s degree, so finish your homework and don’t procrastinate on any of your projects.

I know another big concern is the relationships in your life. The fear that you will lose the important people in your life is one that will continue to plague you. That being said, try not to worry too much about that. There are people out there who genuinely care for you, no matter what the voices in your head are saying. Your family especially loves you. You may think that they will be disappointed in the effort you’re providing, but really, they couldn’t be more proud of you!

You’re about to finish college in four years, which is something not many can say. Just know that many people in your life are happy for you.

Of course, this isn’t to say that your problems aren’t worth worrying over. Life is full of stressors and you’ve got a lot hitting you in the face right now. Just try not to worry about them too much in the present moment, okay?

Focus on your studies and whatever else you need to do to graduate. The rest of your worries are problems you can tackle afterward and there will be plenty of time to tackle them after you’ve graduated. Also, try not to lose sleep over these problems. They may suck, but they’re not worth hurting yourself over.

I know you probably won’t listen to me about that last part, but seriously. All of the problems you’re facing right now will not be the problems that will plague you in the future. Worry about one thing at a time, because soon enough you will have everything figured out.

Also, I’m proud of how far you’ve come.


2018 me.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Glasgow

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