The 12 Things That Happen When Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend
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The 12 Things That Happen When Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

You'll always remember your first friend, especially if they're family.

The 12 Things That Happen When Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

For everyone it's different, maybe your first friend was your next door neighbor growing up or you both met on your first day of pre-school. Some of us get lucky though and are born into friendship. My cousin was born just two weeks after me and has been my bro in utero from the beginning. While the list goes on and on as to why our cousins make the best friends, I can sum it up into just twelve reasons.

1. Your cousin has been there from the start.

They are your oldest and most trusted confidant. They know everything about you, including all the embarrassing phases and pictures you've desperately tried to cover up. Fortunately, they were probably right there along side you in all your embarrassment.

2. You tell each other everything.

There are no secrets between you. Sometimes you even learn things that maybe you didn't want to know, but it comes with the territory. You know that you'll always have someone to vent to or confide in because the love is unconditional.

3. Growing up you spent more weekends together than apart.

"You have to ask my mom if we can spend the night if I do she's going to say no." If the journals you kept in kindergarten didn't document your fourth consecutive weekend at your cousins house, you were doing it wrong. The best part about being best friends with your cousin is that you're family, and how can you say no to family?

4. You meticulously plan out the next time you'll see each other.

Living an hour away from your cousin isn't that bad, but it definitely could be better. You know that when you're together your time is precious, so you plan everything you're going to do down to the second. Even if things don't go as planned you know you'll still have a great time with whatever you decide to do.

5. Your favorite part of family holidays is seeing one another.

One of the worst things in the world is getting to the family event and getting the text that your cousin isn't coming. What fresh hell have I entered upon and what did I do to deserve this? When they do come, you find yourself ignoring the rest of your family so you two can hang out.

6. You have your own secret codes and languages you use when talking to each other.

Let's face it, you both probably dislike the same people and have your fair share of secrets together. So why wait until you're in private to talk about these things when you can openly talk about them in code?

7. You have experienced a lot of your firsts together.

Whether it be your first concert, prank call, or the first time you rolled someone's house, your cousin was there for a lot of your crazy firsts. We're not always great influences, but we do share some great memories.

8. You have no shame openly admitting they're your favorite.

Obviously you love all of your cousins and family but come on, this is my best friend we're talking about. You've been through it all together, so, of course, you have a favorite. How could you not?

9. They are the only friend that can understand just how crazy your family is.

Sure you can complain to the rest of your friends about the straight jackets your family should be wearing, but no one else can really get it until they've lived through it. By now it's just become one long-running joke and besides, no one can make fun of your family beside you guys anyway.

10. You have definitely planned your futures out together.

"What do you mean you want to live in Washington? You know I hate the rain and obviously we have to live in the same state." However big or small the plans, you definitely do not see a future without them.

11. You have become more like siblings than cousins.

These are the best kind of siblings too because you don't live with them. You'll never have to fight over sharing the bathroom or who called shotgun first. They're far enough away to be the perfect mix of family and friend.

12. You know you'll have a friend for life.

You always hear that you can't pick your family, but even if you could you wouldn't trade them for the world. You're stuck with this friend for life, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

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