We have so much to thank our loyal, furry friends for. They love us completely with all of their hearts and want nothing more but to see us happy and smiling, so much so that they would do anything for us. However, sometimes the things they do for us aren't exactly what we picture when we think of a loving, caring gift. Regardless, our pups give us a good, hard laugh whenever they decide it's time to show us their love! Here are 12 things we should thank our dogs for.

1. Weening out all of the socks you obviously didn't need.

2. Keeping your enormous shoe collection in check.

3. Licking your plate clean so you don't have to rinse it before putting it in the dishwasher.

4. Eating the cats poop, or their poop in the yard, so you don't have to pick it up.

5. Ripping the garbage to shreds for when you get home so it looks they threw confetti; they were so excited to see you.

6. Finding your food crumbs and droppings so you never have to break out a vacuum again.

7. Curling up in the middle of your bed, so you don't have any room, because they know it keeps you nice and warm.

8. Scaring off all of the "threatening" mail people and pedestrians walking and driving by.

9. Nibbling on your body parts because you really needed a good massage today.

10. Sneezing on your face; who knew dog snot was such a good moisturizer.

11. Being the best pillow/tissue/cuddle buddy combination ever.

12. Looking forward to seeing you constantly and loving you endlessly for as long as they live.