The 12 Stages Of Going 'Instagram Official'
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The 12 Stages Of Going 'Instagram Official'

"Oh my god, he tagged me in a photo."

The 12 Stages Of Going 'Instagram Official'

We have all dealt with the beginning of relationships or hook-ups, the rights, and the wrongs, but when do you know it's official? I stumbled upon this idea for an article thanks to Emi Gutgold, and I thought it was perfect because I went through some steps before officially posting a photo with my boyfriend of now eleven months. Girls and or guys, if you need to know if you're Instagram official, just look at these steps and determine it for yourselves, I wish you luck.

1. Being mutual followers on Instagram.

Yup, that's the first step — both of you following one another on the social media site because hey if you don't even follow each other how are you supposed to even start a relationship?

2. Consistently liking one another's pictures.

You know its true if they never miss a post.

3. DM-ing each other funny posts.

You start with dm-ing so no one knows because everyone can see what you do on Instagram due to the "following" tab.

4. Tagging each other in funny posts.

You finally hit the stage where it's fine if people see you interacting on social media, you both don't care as much and you're going pretty steady.

5. Commenting on each other's photos.

One of the biggest steps, usually it starts with jokes that have a hint of flirting to them, then it goes into comments about appearance but that's later on in the relationship.

6. Seeing them in the suggested search area.

This means you stalk them too much. (Oops?)

7. Sending them pictures to see which one would be "Insta-worthy."

Their opinion eventually matters.

8. Asking them to like and comment on your photos.

I am guilty of still doing this until this day.

9. Posting a photo together.

This is when you officially make it, now people know you two either hang-out or date.

10. Following each other's friends.

This is what happens after you post a picture, people will be curious and people will follow you, especially close friends.

11. The initials in the bio.

Oh, yes, mostly, you see this with girls not guys but hey, that's how you know you made it.

12. Following family and close friends.

Such as brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.

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