12 Signs You're A Music Major

12 Signs You're A Music Major

Music is in your blood.


Maybe you first picked up your instrument when you were six, or maybe 16. Either way, you fell in love with it and decided almost instantly to make it your career. Before you went to college you underwent several brutal auditions where you were pushed to your brink. But, you made it through and now you're a music major! Little did you know this was only the beginning of the challenge! The next four years would be faced with little sleep, a lot of coffee and a lot of rehearsals. But, you know it will all be worth it when you graduate with your degree in music!

1. You know who these people are and you watch all of their videos:

Shout-out to Twoset Violin.

2. You spend your Friday nights like this:

Or like this...

3. You take at least two zero-credit classes

4. You take classes for one credit that meet for six hours a week

5. You are constantly told by your peers that your major is "easy"

It's okay...they'll never understand.

6. You always get asked, "So you don't take academic classes?"

7. The most common response to telling someone at your school that you’re a music major is: “We have a music school?”

8. Or people will say: "You can major in music in college?"

9. Your weekends are often busier than your weekdays.

Wedding here, wedding there, wedding everywhere. #GigLife

10. Your excuse for almost everything is "I have to practice"

11. Some people think you're weird for enjoying classical music, but you just love it!

12. Whenever you listen to a pop song and hear modulation you scream "Modulation!"

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