12 Signs You're From Los Angeles

1. You’re not really from “Los Angeles.”

No born Angelino states they are from L.A. They would say “I’m from West Covina” or Huntington Park, East LA, South LA, Pasadena, Old Pasadena…you get it. Each “hood” is diverse and it’s what makes up the metropolitan that is Los Angeles (plural).

2. It’s hot very HOT!

It seems like Spring, Fall, and Winter love taking breaks from SoCal because we have an extended Summer season. Basically it goes like this: a little bit of (hot) Fall, what’s Winter? Summer, Summer, Sum—what happened to Spring! And finally blazing Summer! And as my friend puts it, “Its hotter than Hade’s…” Yeah.

3. And because its only summer, Angelino’s never witness snow.

Unless you go out of state or to Big Bear.

4. Directions

If you live in LA, you have to know more than one route to your destination by heart because you never know if you have to perform a “alternative route” procedure.

5. Planning Ahead

A good caution to that problem above is to plan ahead because what took you 20 minutes to go to Downtown can take you an hour today. And if traffic does catch an Angelino usually they just reprimand themselves for not leaving early to “beat traffic.” Unless they were already upset, if so…back away.

6. Hollywood doesn’t astonish you anymore.

For a tourist, Hollywood is a place of wonder. Where walking through Sunset Boulevard is like walking through the stars (literally.) For an Angelino…it’s just another place. We don’t hope to see film crews on the streets either. Tourist would like to stick around to see if they can catch a glimpse of an actor/actress, Angelino’s think: “Great that just added another hour on the way home.”

7. It’s Raining!

To everyone else: *raining heavily*

Angelino’s: “The sky is falling! *crash*.

8. Fire!

Yep, Los Angeles is always burning. Don’t worry it’s a normal sight.

9. Public Transportation

If you don’t have a car, then the Metro is your hero! You know which bus takes you to Hollywood or which Metro color line takes you to Staples Center or Long Beach.

10. Parking is Hell

Just try to find a parking space on the first try in Santa Monica, I dare you.

11. Earthquakes

Angelino’s pretty much got used to the constant growling of the earth. Everyone else (excluding Alaska): *ground shaking* Omg, omg! Earthquake! *Chaos* Angelino’s: *move with the earthquake; be one with the ground*

12.There’s no other place you would like to be

It’s hard to take L.A. out of an Angelino’s heart.

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