With the holidays around we're all spending lots of time of time with our families, which is good for the most part. But, if your family is anything like mine, it's probably a little dysfunctional. Not sure if your family is considered 'dysfunctional'? Well, if you answer 'yes' to most of these questions, your family probably is. I'm sorry in advance, and I feel your pain.

1. Their idea of talking is more of a yell

2. You guys are fighting with each other at 3 pm, and hugging each other at 3:04 pm

3. When you guys go out to eat, surrounding tables are always glaring at you for your volume levels

4. Family vacations involve more stress than they relieve, sometimes

5. Conversations can get way too personal or TMI

6. Your parents are constantly sighing when you or your siblings say something

7. Family members burst into song or dance out of nowhere, for no apparent reason

8. Your stomach is constantly sore from laughing

9. Guests think your family members are always mad by the way they speak to each other

10. People get in physical disputes over eating someone else's food

11. Being in public as a family is unbearably embarrassing for you

12. The thought of being in a quiet, normal family appalls you