12 Signs You're A 'T-Shirt & Shorts' Type Of Girl
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12 Signs You're A 'T-Shirt & Shorts' Type Of Girl

When you rather be in a shorts and a T-shirt than anything else.

12 Signs You're A 'T-Shirt & Shorts' Type Of Girl
Sophia Bodo

I would say I'm a low-maintenance person when it comes to clothes. I'm perfectly happy in a good old t-shirt and athletic shorts. It's such a comfortable outfit and easy to put on and match. I despise wearing nicer clothes, especially if it's skin tight or very uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breathe nor enjoy myself while wearing anything other than my T-shirts and shorts. Sometimes, I find nicer outfits that are very comfortable, but I would still rather change. Here are some ways you know you are a "shorts and T-shirt" type of girl, like me.

1. You probably have played a sport sometime in your life.

This is how I was introduced into the comfort of athletic shorts and t-shirts.

2. You regret dressing nicely approximately an hour after leaving the house.

It sounded like a good idea at the time. But after spending an hour in jean shorts, you're ready to change into something that isn't trying to kill you.

3. You own more athletic shorts and t-shirts than any other article of clothing.

Well yeah because it's all you wear.

4. You get hot easily.

I don't know about you but being in the heat is much more tolerable in shorts and a t-shirt.

5. You love your sports bras.

And will do anything to make one work with a nicer outfit. Because they always work with a T-shirt.

6. You wear the same nice outfit over and over.

Once you find that nice outfit that is comfy, you'll probably wear it too much.

7. You like your clothing on the bigger side.

More room to breathe!

8. You have a shirt for every occasion in your life.

When you only like t-shirts, you're going to have a T-shirt from high school prom or grade school volleyball or the vacation you took to Disney World.

9. People are surprised to see you wear something else

"Hey, you're wearing a dress?!"

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10. You spend a lot of time deciding what to wear when going out.

And wish you could just wear your usual and not be judged.

11. You don't tend to wear a lot of makeup.

Too much work.

12. When winter comes around, you can be seen in a long sleeve shirt and leggings.

Eh, I still wear shorts inside sometimes.

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