12 Signs You're A Sociology Major
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12 Signs You're A Sociology Major

It's at least a subject that you've studied.

12 Signs You're A Sociology Major
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In college, everyone has to take a freshman seminar. My seminar class was an introduction class to sociology. Since then, I have continued to study sociology. In fact, it is one of my majors. Here are a couple of signs that you are a sociology major.

1. You are a feminist.

Everyone who has studied sociology knows the importance of gender equality. Moreover, you know that a feminist isn't someone who hates men.

2. You see how everything in the world is intertwined.

Literally everything from what we learn at birth to the jobs we are most likely to go after to our privileges is connected.

3. You remind yourself of your own privileges to prevent yourself from feeling entitled.

Remember, privilege is invisible to those who have it. Everyone has struggles, but others have harder struggles and weren't always born into upper-class families with tons of advantages. Sometimes the odds are against you.

4. Color blindness is not a real thing.

All it means is you are ignoring racism, not trying to solve it.

5. Racism is not only about using slurs.

There is internalized racism, where you may not realize it, but you are racist in a subtle fashion because you've been socialized through media. For instance —environmental racism, where people of color are more likely to be living in areas where there isn't much room to thrive.

6. Your eyes have been open by heteronormativity.

Heteronormativity is everywhere. With our nation becoming more open to homosexuality, there should be just as much equal opportunity for a husband to get his and his products without having to special order them.

7. Disney movies are super sexist.

The females in 99 percent of the Disney movies are only there to be pretty and find the guy. Bring in more heteronormativity. Please just once have the females be more realistic.

8. Feminization of poverty makes you want to curl up and cry.

The feminization of poverty is the concept in which women make up a disproportionate amount of the world's poor.

9. Criminal justice system is whacked.

Surprise surprise, it's super racist. Ever think about why the Black Lives Matter movement is so prevalent? That's why.

10. The education system is just as bad.

Basically, the education system is designed to benefit those who have money. Those who do have that kind of money are typically white — meaning that the education system is racist and classist.

11. The health care system is so unfair.

Did you know that 16 percent of the population is uninsured? The poor are more likely to suffer from cancer, hypertension, low birth weight, hearing loss, diabetes and infectious diseases.

12. You think that you can solve all social problems, and you are probably right.

All you need to do is make everyone take a sociology course to gain a deeper understanding. Then everyone could get on board to actually make America great again, instead of just saying we're going to.

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