12 Signs You're From San Diego

12 Signs You're From San Diego

Stay Classy San Diego

As large as San Diego is, there are a few things that are only true if you're from good ol' "SD". Here are a few things us San Diegans know to be true!

1. "THE" Freeway

It's not "I-37", no. It's "THE 56, THE 5 or THE 78". None of this highway/interstate silliness!

2. You assume the rest of the country talks like you do

The valley girl/surfer speech will never get old and you just assume everyone else uses "like" and "totally" 3 times in one sentence too.

3. You cannot stand it when people call California "Cali"

You don't really realize it happens until you're outside of your perfect SoCal world and everyone in other states start calling it "Cali". As much as you love your out of state friends that do it, you'll never understand why.

4. You feel like you're going to get frostbite as soon as the weather is under 60 degrees

Let's face it, we have perfect weather year around, so as soon as our 55-degree cold front hits, you can find us bundled up next to the fire in front of the TV.

5. Snow days are a myth, but fire days are real.

Snow days are just in the movies, but a fire taking over San Diego County and shutting school down for the week is a totally realistic experience come Santa Ana time. Fires and earthquakes are the extent of our natural disasters.

6. May Grey and June Gloom are not OK..

As soon as summer hits we want to be at the beach and tanning, and May Grey and June Gloom robbing us of our summer and perfect weather is just not appropriate.

7. Flip Flops are your year around shoe

Flips flops are your go to shoe because they're perfect for every occasion, you can dress them up or dress them down!

8. Avocado works with any food group

Avocado is good on everything and you can have it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

9. All hell breaks loose when it starts raining

We're used to droughts, not rain. And when it starts raining, the whole city goes haywire. Everyone starts driving way too slow and we all take cover because who are we kidding, we don't own rain coats. Rain is foreign to us and we pretty much don't know how to function when drops start falling from the sky.

10. You feel like everyone everywhere else, outside of California, drives incredibly slow.

You don't know why, but apparently going over the speed limit is against the law and uncommon just about everywhere else.

11. You pretty much live off of In n Out and Mexican food

When your friend comes to visit and says they've never been to In n Out, it's always your first stop. Double doubles and salsa verde run through our veins.

12. You live where people vacation and you're proud of it

You know you live in the best city on Earth and you're a proud San Diegan. Who wouldn't be jealous of our perfect weather, beautiful beaches and amazing food?

Cover Image Credit: MarcLyman

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We So Often Rush Our Lives That We Forget To Enjoy It

We rush almost everything we do. We rush into things. We rush time. We rush to get somewhere.

Rush. We rush almost everything we do. We rush into things. We rush time. We rush to get somewhere. We rush through assignments. We rush to get ready in the mornings. We rush to get to work or school, and we rush to get home. We rush through the week to make it to the weekend. We rush through the winter to make it to the summer. We as humans are always in a rush.

We even rushed to grow up. And now we would do anything just to go back to when it didn’t feel like time was running away from us like we weren’t trying to grasp it just to watch it slip back out of our hands again. Time seems like it went so much slower when we were young. It felt like there were so many hours in the day. Now I feel like there are walks I haven’t walked, laughs I haven’t laughed, songs I haven’t sung.

Don’t you ever wish you could just slow down? Don’t you wish you could just be still and be present? I get tired of being in a rush all the time. Obviously, there are things we can do to not be in such a rush; perhaps we could wake up on time, leave the house earlier, etc. But what about the things we can’t change? We can’t help anticipate the future. We can’t help rush through the bad just to get to the good, even though that bad is what is preparing us for what good is held for us. I am world’s worst about rushing things; I always want the rainbow without the rain... As does anybody.

I just wish for stillness. I feel like stillness is fake. Being alive means constant change, and I really wish I could just be still. Everything is moving all of the time, so even if I feel stagnant, I am definitely moving in some godforsaken direction.

Life moves so quickly as it is. It moves even faster when we coast through in a hurry. I’ve learned that time means so much. Spend every minute of it in the moment. You will very surprised how much time you have for life whenever you slow down.

When was the last time you sat and let the wind blow through your hair? When did you sit on your front porch step and listen to the birds' chirp? When was the last time you laid your head on the backseat window and enjoyed the passing scenes? We never enjoy the little things; we always focus on the bigger picture.

I feel so often that I’m running out of time. It always feels like there aren’t enough hours... But sometimes we need a nice reminder to just take it easy. This is your reminder. Enjoy your life. Find your stillness. Your hourglass will eventually run out of time. So dip your feet into the river. Go to the art fair. Compliment those crooked eyebrows. One day, your golden paint will be black.

Cover Image Credit: Rachael Crowe

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