12 Signs You Are Adulting

1. You set up your own doctor's appointment.

Who needs Mom anymore? .....Just kidding, Mom. I love you and will always need you.

2. You are starting to pay your own rent.

Adulting feels good, doesn't it?

3. Figuring out your student loans all by yourself.

We won't talk about paying the loans off. That's a can of worms that needs to stay unopened for now.

4. Balancing your checkbook/money regularly.

Doesn't it feel good to adult?

5. Getting excited about going to the grocery store and seeing amazing deals.

Mom will be so proud.

6. Going to work and not complaining about co-workers until you get home.

Be a grown up.

7. Buying a car.

8. Paying your bills...

9. And you are paying your own car insurance.

10. Getting professional/ "grown up" clothes.

11. Realizing you're responsible for yourself.

12. Cooking your own food.

Ramen noodles don't count.

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