We all like the big name artists within our favorite genres, whether it's Keith Urban, Metallica, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, or Twenty One Pilots. However, they all started as that band or artist that no one had heard of. Since I am a hard rock, metal, and alternative punk kind of guy that is the extent of my music knowledge. Here are some bands that I think plenty of people should be listening to.


The band from Pennsylvania is led by a brother/sister duo of Lzzy Hale, lead guitar, keyboards and lead vocals along with younger brother Arejay Hale, drums and backing vocals. They won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance beating out Marilyn Manson, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth. They are constantly on the road and writing constantly. They will even sometimes slow things down and write ballads that anyone can enjoy.

Adelitas Way

Having opened for bands like Staind, Godsmack, and Shinedown, this group lays down some smooth tracks. Their sound can be described as a combination of Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Halestorm. It's an interesting mix. The only way to really make a judgment is to listen for yourself.

Black Stone Cherry

They sound exactly like they look... Southern Rock! The way I describe their sound is if Lynyrd Skynyrd and Motorhead had a baby. They have that hard rock sound with a nice southern twang that is just enough for us northerners to handle. They don't get much attention because they're too southern sounding for mainstream rock stations and they're too rock sounding for country stations. Give them a listen and let's get them some more exposure.

Rival Sons

The way I would describe Rival Sons is a modern Led Zeppelin with Deep Purple thrown in there. The reason why I put in a live performance as the video is because they sound so similar live compared to their albums. Take a listen for yourself. The vocalist, Jay Buchanan, has a phenomenal voice and has everyone in awe when they hear him. A phenomenal band in concert who puts on a great show every time.

Through Fire

Justin McCain, the founder of the band Emphatic, has formed another band. After having a ton of issues with Emphatic, it was time for McCain to move on. With a little help from electronics, Through Fire still has a nice hard rock sound.


After releasing their first album in the year 2000, Thrice has finally made a splash with their song, Black Honey. A nice hard rock sound mixed with raspy vocals from their lead singer, Thrice is making a huge push towards fame and stardom.

Saint Asonia

After leaving Three Dyas Grace, singer Adam Gontier decided to form the band Saint Asonia. After opening for Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed this past summer, the band has had massive success. With name familiarity with singer Adam Gontier, the band was already off to a great start. Saint Asonia has such a different feel from Three Days Grace that you need to listen to them in order to really understand.

Devour the Day

Originally members from the band Egypt Central, Joey Walser and Blake Allison formed Devour the Day. With the help of touring members, the band is considered a duo and a dynamic one at that. With raw guitar and powerful vocals, Devour the Day has opened for bands like Korn and Sevendust.

Red Sun Rising

Mixing just the right amount of hard and mellow rock, Red Sun Rising has the sweet sound hard rockers need when they need to relax. Not too heavy, not too soft, just right. Anyone can just turn on Red Sun Rising. The band has been known for saying that their sound is like threads in a fabric and cannot be described in a genre.


Absolutely one of the best bands to see live in concert. A rigid hard rock sound with nice melodies has everyone in awe. I've actually had the pleasure of meeting some of the guys from this band. I was at a show in Connecticut back in 2012 and the lead singer was out at the merch booth in the lobby and he yells, "FREE HUGS!!!" I run over to him and say, "Free hugs? I love free hugs!" They also waltz around the arena after they're done performing and just tap you on the shoulder and say nice things. Such a great group of guys and I would love to see them over and over.

Cold Roses

I saw Cold Roses as an opening band on a big one-day festival where Slash headlined. The way I would describe Cold Roses is that they are a modern version of the band Chicago. Combining wind instruments with percussion and guitars, this band is going places and deserves some recognition!

Goodbye June

Goodbye June is a newer rock band that has actually made a splash in the industry. If you play Madden 17 you'll hear this song above in the game. Clearly, EA Sports saw something in Goodbye June and I agree 100 percent. They know when to slow it down and take a more melodic route of writing music.

Personally, as a rock and metal guy, these are my bands. This is my life. Whatever your genre of music is finding the new artists and give them a shoutout on social media and tell your friends about them. I don't need to hear from my friends about the new song from Korn, I'll find that on my own. The bottom line is, support your newer artists and give them some love