If it's been a few months, or weeks, or days since you've had a girl's night... you totally need another one! For all the girls who are taken, or single, here are just a few reasons why.

1. You need an excuse to eat ice cream for dinner...and dessert.

2. You need to wear the new dress you bought! And your new shoes...and try out your new makeup...Oh, and curl your hair.

3. You've been working all week.

4. You need to complain about your roommate.

5. You want to go bra shopping but need a second opinion.

6. You feel like reminiscing about the old days.

7. You're PMSing and know they will understand.

8. You have a bottle of wine that will go bad if you don't drink it ASAP.

9. All you want to do is binge watch romantic comedies and your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie. You obviously need your girls to do that!

10. Boys suck.

11. All you wanna do is dance.

12. Honestly, you just need your girlfriends to remind you how to have fun.