We've all heard the stereotypes about girls that only have guys friends, and we all know they're not pretty. This week I'm going to tell you why dating a girl that has a lot of guy friends is actually the coolest experience in the world.

1. You immediately get a new group of guys to hang with.

What's better than going to hangout with your girlfriend and getting to hangout with the guys at the same time? Nothing, obviously.

2. She avoids drama.

Lets face it, all guys hate drama. If your girlfriend has mostly guy friends then she probably hates drama, too. Its a win-win situation.

3. She loves sports.

Whether it be football, baseball, or riding around on the track with her boys, she loves it. She'll never complain about the game being on TV, and she'll always enjoy sitting next to you cheering on y'alls team.

4. She'll tell you when she thinks a girl is hot.

And she won't care if you think so, too. She's not the jealous type.

5. She likes being "one of the guys".

The first time you bring her around your friends is the day they'll accept her as one of y'all. Honestly, what's better than a girl your friends love hanging out with too?

6. She'll understand that you need "guys time".

Because she needs her girls time. She won't get mad if one day you just want to go out with the guys. This gives her time to go out with her girls.

7. Food is her b-a-e.

This girl can eat, let me tell you. She will always be down to go out and get food, and she won't be one of those girls that always gets salad at dinner. #gains

8. She won't be afraid to speak her mind.

She'll tell you when she's upset and why. She's an open book when it comes to that, because her guy friends have taught her well. When she needs advice, she goes to the them so that she can get things right.

9. Your dad will love her.

Do I need to explain?

10. She can hold her alcohol.

She's had to keep up with the guys her whole life so she's trained well.

11. She won't be mad if you have girl friends.

Because she has guy friends. Again, she's not the jealous type and she'll want you to bring your girl friends around. She loves meeting new people and she'd love to have new girls to be friends with.

....and as if these reasons aren't enough...

12. Hermoine Granger.

She's the most dateable girl known and her best friends are guys: case closed.