12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Guys
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12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Guys

Dating is hard, having a dog is easy.

12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Guys
Logan Williams

Everyone has faced rejection sometime in their life, whether it is rejection from asking someone out, a break up, a boss telling you no, your parents shutting down an idea, or trying to hang out with your friends.

The most common I have come across is rejection from asking someone out on a date or break ups. As I was sitting in my room a few months ago, my dog walked in and sat down right next to me. I started telling my dog all about why guys were awful and informing her to never date. My dog then looked up at me and gave me a look that said, "I know, Boys are awful, hang out with me instead".

And just like that, my eyes were opened to all the reasons that dogs are better than dating a guy.

1. They listen.

Dogs are great listeners. They don't interrupt you, you can insult them in a happy voice and they will wag their tail. Boys will interrupt you, only listen to half of what you say, and if you call them dumb in a happy voice, they won't wag their tail.

2. They are great cuddlers.

Have you ever dated someone and the moment in time comes where you're watching a movie with them and they try to cuddle with you? What happens when they are an awful cuddler? I promise you that with dogs, they are down to cuddle and will be great at it.

3. You can teach them tricks.

Dogs can be taught to shake hands, hold hands, roll over, jump, and play dead. Boys are stubborn and don't like to be taught tricks like how to play dead or how to not kiss other girls. Dogs enjoy learning new tricks.

4. Dogs are great at fetch and enjoy the game.

My dogs like to chase after whatever I throw and bring it back to me, feeling accomplished. Whenever a guy is asked to grab something for someone, all that can be heard is whining.

5. Dogs are always very excited to see you when you come home.

A wet kiss and wagging tail when you come inside from outside or a quick trip to the gas station or complaining and no kiss? I would choose the wagging tail and wet kiss every time.

6. You get to pick out what you watch and they will still watch it with you.

After a long day of work and all you want to do is watch your favorite show when here comes a guy who wants to watch a show and will not pick anything middle ground, what do you do? A. watch his show. B. make him watch your show. C. kick him out and watch a show with your dog (who is a better cuddler, as mentioned above). The best answer is always C. Always.

7. Dogs find the fun in simple things.

Riding in the car, relaxing around the house, going outside, going on a walk, etc. Dogs will enjoy it because they are with you. You can even take them on those midnight star-gazing walks you have been trying to get your S.O. to go on for months.

8. Dogs love you unconditionally.

Dogs are great at loving regardless of what happened 5 seconds ago, whether or not you're wearing makeup, whether or not you are sick, whether or not you have insecurities, dogs will love you.

9. They don't hide their face when you try to take a selfie with them.

They might get distracted and go after a squirrel, but they don't mind being in your photos, and they add cuteness to every photo. They also don't mind if you post pictures of them on social media.

10. When you're sad, they will come sit with you.

It's been one of those days, where everything at work went wrong, you are breaking out, and the world just decided to come rest on your shoulders for you to hold it up, and you're just not that strong. Your dog will most likely find you and lay next to you. And if you want to cry and mascara runs down your face, they don't care. You can bury your face in their fur and cry and they will still be there and love you.

11. You won't have to find middle ground with politics, religion, jealousy, or controversial issues.

Dogs don't have political views where you have to argue your point, or feel judged for your opinions. Dogs will even learn to make peace with cats because they are peaceful animals, so they will be peaceful with you.

12. They remind you daily to stop and look around you.

They stop everywhere and smell everything. They stop to smell the grass, smell the fresh rain, smell your feet. They enjoy relaxing outside, looking at the blue skies, and chasing after various floating items in the air. But in all the silly activities that dogs do, they aren't in a rush and don't tell you to hurry up. If anything, they tell you to slow down and smell the flowers around you. And while you're smelling the flowers, don't forget to smell everything else.

Dogs are great pets and make amazing life partners. If you're looking for companionship, dogs are the way to go. If you're looking for responsibility of making a sandwich and compromising on T.V. shows, find yourself a male human. Personally, dogs are adventurous and enough to keep you busy.

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