12 Reasons That Summer Is Good For The Soul
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12 Reasons That Summer Is Good For The Soul

My soul is healing.

12 Reasons That Summer Is Good For The Soul
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We all know the feeling of the last day of school or work right before summer vacation; your body is well over its normal excitement levels, your heart rate starts to speed and those stress filled days turn into a smile on our faces. Summer vacation is most definitely a soul healer and will forever be for those of us who work hard throughout the rest of the year. Here are 12 great reasons as to why summer vacation is wonderful for our souls.

1. Healing

Summer vacation gives you a chance to get away from those constant stressors that we all have to deal with. It also allows for that much needed time away from negative people or places and their vibes. Heal that soul of yours by taking some time for yourself and enjoy your time off! Your body and mind will thank you.

2. Growth

Whether it be personally or spiritually, growth in both departments help us find our true inner selves and help us to discover what we are really made of! Summer vacation gives you the perfect amount of time and many opportunities to grow as a person in these ways, seeing that during fall and spring semesters do not allow as much time for such things.

3. Learning

When traveling, it is common for us to come across many different cultures. Take advantage of these learning opportunities! Learn some new phrases or small talk in another language or indulge in the arts or foods of another country/culture. Not only is it a great experience, but you'll come home with knowledge for another culture other than your own.

4. Sunshine

Vitamin D is a necessity to your health and well-being. Along with the health benefits, sunshine is a great mood booster! Not to mention you can get a nice bronze tan, too. Indulge in the free sunlight that we have outside almost everyday and watch as your soul begins to radiate with happiness and joy!

5. Beach

Must I say it again? Alongside the tan, sunshine and salt water, put together, are very therapeutic for our hard working bodies. The salt water can heal skin issues and the sand in the ocean can act as a massage for your feet. So, go treat your body and soul to an all-natural spa day!

6. Time With Friends

Time with friends is critical. We're talking about 2-3 months of absolute free time (aside from our part-time jobs and the extra classes we are taking part in) and that time should be spent, partially, with our besties. There is nothing better than having a few summer nights to yourself with your free-spirit, spontaneous friends. Release some of those endorphins by being around your favorite people!

7. Adventures

Check out the art museum or look into places that are in your radius that could end up being rad hangout places for you and your pals. Adventuring around your home town is a great way to find new things to do, possibly meet new people or to simply learn some history about your town. Oh, and another perk about adventuring; it has a high rate of curing boredom.

8. Change of Environment

Sometimes it's good to leave the place you came from to breath in some fresh air. School and work can be complete drags when there is no motivation in the background. Simply having a change in setting can make some of that stress go away and maybe even restore some of the motivation that was lost! Getting out of your element or finding somewhere to reflect on life could be just what you need to help mend that exhausted soul.

9. Meeting New People

There is nothing better than meeting new people and listening to all the stories they have to tell. It can shine some light into your own life to hear about the strengths, struggles, and memories that other people hold close to their hearts. Make it a goal to meet new people; summer time is a great time for that! For all you know, the new people you meet could end up being your closest friends throughout your lifetime…

10. Tasting New Foods

One of my all time favorite things to do while traveling is trying out the varieties of foods that are offered. Whether you are visiting another country during summer vacation or simply enjoying time at home, this can be a great time to experience different foods from different countries/cultures. You can also make authentic foods in your own kitchen at home. Be creative and have fun with it! Food makes many souls happy, so it’s a fantastic thing to try.

11. Lasting Memories

Throughout your summer vacation, there are memories constantly being made. Good memories that are formed with family and friends are sentimental moments that can be looked back on at any time. Being able to remember some of the happiest times of our lives is what makes our souls thrive! Put the pictures you take on a memory board or simply live in the moment and soak in the happiness.

12. Motivation

All in all, at the end of summer vacation, the time will soon arrive when we must resume our lives and continue with school, work, or both. Summer vacation gives you a long enough break to feel motivated to get back in the groove of things (at least for myself). Having a break to gather thoughts and feelings into our brains and bodies again feels good and it is just what we need to get our noggins working again!

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