12 Reasons Why Outlander Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life
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12 Reasons Why Outlander Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

"Sing me a song of a lass that is gone. Say, could that lass be I?"

12 Reasons Why Outlander Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

If you hadn't heard of "Outlander" until this very moment, I can't blame you too much. Diana Gabaldon started writing the book series in the early 90s (although she only finished the most recent book in the past few years). And though the show premiered in 2014 and is only on its second season, it is a Starz network original, and only those with access to the premium channel can watch it. However, now that I have introduced you to this phenomenon, you have no excuse not to read/watch it. I am an extremely accomplished and avid reader, so when I tell you that this is not only one of my favorite book series of all time but also my favorite page-to-screen adaptations of all time, you shouldn't take it lightly. Here's why you should dive into this captivating storyline immediately.

1. This is the title sequence. It's beautiful and captivating and is 115 percent effective in making you want to go to Scotland immediately.

It's very likely that you'll be humming this song nonstop for the next five years.

2. The main female character (and narrator) is Claire Beauchamp, a combat nurse and certified bada** from the 1940s. She's like the patron saint of healers and feminism.

(Claire is pictured with her husband Frank. He's a historian. Frank is nice, I guess, but nothing extraordinary. Definitely not the main event by any means.)

3. Claire isn't your ordinary lady by any means. She curses like a sailor and shocks every man in a two-century radius.

"But wait! What do you mean by two-century radius??"

4. Ladies and Gents, this is not your normal historical fiction novel. Although the story starts in the 1940s, by a twist of fate, Claire travels through time and finds herself in the Scottish highlands of the eighteenth century.

5. The other central character is Jamie Fraser (angel chorus sings). Jamie is dashing, intelligent, ripped, Scottish, and... oh yeah... from the eighteenth century.

6. Jamie also speaks French. Yes, this is an entire point by itself. But trust me --the only thing sexier than the French language is the French language in a Scottish accent.

7. Did I mention that Jamie is ripped? Where did he get his whey protein powder in the eighteenth century?

8. And as the story continues, we all realize that Jamie and Claire are actually a match made in heaven.

9. And even if they did get off to a rocky start...

10. They're still the ultimate power couple. Like who in their right mind would mess with them.

11. Plus they both look ravishing covered in blood!

12. I'm not going to talk about Claire and Jamie's actual adventures too much because *SPOILERS*. So I'll leave you with one last picture of Claire and Jamie because if you aren't convinced that you need to be a part of this story, then you need to seriously reevaluate your life choices.

(Oh yeah... in season/book 2, Claire and Jamie go to France. Are you hooked, yet?)

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