12 Reasons Why Millennials Make the World Go 'Round
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12 Reasons Why Millennials Make the World Go 'Round

Born after 1980 and before 2000? Read this.

12 Reasons Why Millennials Make the World Go 'Round
Tori Berry

Ah, to be a millennial in the year 2016. There's been a variety of words thrown around to describe my generation; from lazy to ambitious to unmotivated to innovative... Honestly, it depends on what source you're getting your definition of millennial from. According to an article in the New York Times, millennials now number about 80 million, and have drastically been shaped by the technologically advanced world we grew up in. The term "millennial" is used when describing anyone from the college student who still lives at home to talking about the next Bill Gates at an Ivy League school. Regardless of where we millennials come from, we can agree on one thing: the world wouldn't be the same without us. Here's 12 reasons why millennials are so important:

1. Millennials offer a completely brand new perspective.

While my mom and dad grew up with computers that took up entire office rooms, I grew up being able to gain access to a computer from anywhere in my own house and even holding all the knowledge of the internet in my own palm. From my obsession with the Carmen San Diego computer game, to having a hybrid computer-tablet in college, technology has allowed me and my generation to gain access to hordes of information so easily. With that new information comes new perspectives, and new ways of thinking.

2. Being able to adapt quickly is in a millennial's DNA.

Whether it be keeping up with the latest social media trends or changing navigation directions quickly when Siri decides to be annoying, millennials have developed the ability to change in a fraction of the time it took previous generations. What we believe one day can be the same thing we challenge the next. In a constantly changing world, this characteristic is invaluable.

3. Millennials are curious about so many things.

I firmly believe that my constant badgering my mom and dad, "But why?" to every single statement when I was younger has played a huge role in my curiosity in so many ways. Since millennials have a greater sense of curiosity that Curious George himself, we are constantly searching for answers to questions or problems.

4. Millennials know how to have fun.

No, I'm not just talking about the crazy parties you see in movies (which are highly inaccurate, by the way). Millennials have come up with so many fun things to do like binge watch Netflix, take on crazy internet challenges (cinnamon challenge, anyone?), and thanks to university calendars, turning the months of March and April into the new summer.

5. Contrary to how the media portrays us, every millennial is intelligent.

Whether you have a knack for math, have an incredible eye for photography or know how to make the best mac and cheese, every millennial has something to contribute to the world. Think of all the intelligent millennials you know. Now, imagine if the world had none of these amazing young adults; pretty boring, right? We are a colorful people and we are the rainbows in today's society.

6. Millennials know life isn't just about making money.

We know that life is about finding your passion, finding what you love. Not saying that previous generations didn't know this, but I feel like it's more prominent in my generation. Our goal isn't to have a 9 to 5 job that pays well; the goal is to go to work and not feel like you're working.

7. How would adults figure out smart phones without millennials?!

Speaking from personal experience, it was a little rough when my mom got her iPhone. Thanks to my in depth iPhone tutorials, she now knows how to upload pictures to Facebook, use the perfect Instagram filter, screenshot Snapchats and leave extremely talkative group messages. To those who taught adults how to use smart phones, I applaud you.

8. Millennials know how to question the norm.

Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone simply just went along with what everyone else did. Millennials are constantly questioning why the world is the way it is. Thanks to these questions, advances in technology, education, communication and even human relationships have been made.

9. Millennials have started necessary conversations that no one wants to talk about.

Topics like gay marriage, women's rights, the political polarization of America, justice for sexual assault victims and financial reform are just a few of the subjects that are constantly talked about in the news. Millennials have played a huge role in wanting to talk about the issues in the world that no one wants to bring up for fear of judgement or ridicule.

10. Communication has evolved rapidly thanks to millennials.

Why are millennials constantly on their phones? Are they just playing Candy Crush all day? No. Actually, we use our phones for talking to our friend who goes to school on the East Coast, see what our friend studying abroad is up to on Snapchat, or posting an obligatory sassy comment on a sibling's Instagram selfie. Talking is now more than just words out of your mouth; it's an encouraging text, a funny comment, or poking your old high school friend on Facebook.

11. Millennials have great taste in music.

From discovering new artists on YouTube to creating the perfect playlist on Spotify, millennials know what quality music sounds like. But don't worry, we still listen to some oldies here and there.

12. Taylor Swift is a millennial.

Somehow, Taylor and I were born in the same generation and both have an obsession with Grey's Anatomy. We're meant to be best buds.

Carry on my fellow millennials. The world wouldn't be the same without us.

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