15 Reasons Why Harry Potter Was The Worst
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15 Reasons Why Harry Potter Was The Worst

Seriously, just listen to these reasons. You'll agree.

15 Reasons Why Harry Potter Was The Worst

In my mind, the "Harry Potter" book series is without a doubt the best series I have ever read. Whenever I am asked what my favorite book is, I need to lump the entire series together as one, then inform the person who asked that my favorite is the sixth, and then move on to name another book because I feel it is such a given that "Harry Potter" is my favorite, so it can't even really count. I've spent hours of my time reading plot theories on BuzzFeed, debating major characters and plot points with friends and enjoying fan fiction written by people who are even more obsessed than I am. However, no matter how much I love this series, I cannot deny that the titular character, Harry himself, is actually the worst. I'm not going to lie when I say that when the final book was released, everyone was praying that Harry would live and I had a small part of my heart hoping that he'd die. Are you calling me a Slytherin as you read this? Well, you're right, because that's where I was sorted, but when you take a second to think about it, you'll see that you can't really deny it, either.

1. He's a total jerk.

Seriously, the "Order of the Phoenix" really should've been named "Harry Potter and the Prolonged Bad Mood." And there's a reason why every parody of the series portrays Harry as a pretentious tool — it's because he's a pretentious tool.

2. He got mad at Cho for being upset about Cedric.

Umm ... hey, Harry? Her boyfriend just died so sorry that maybe she needed someone to talk to about it.

3. He named all of his kids.

Albus Severus, James and Lily? What did Ginny get to name? The cat? Nah, Harry, bye.

4. He thought that he was above the rules.

He fought the troll, he snuck into the Chamber of Secrets, he wandered the third floor corridor, he went to Hogsmeade without permission, I could go on forever.

5. He was responsible for Sirius' death.

Sirius gave him a mirror so that they could communicate safely and effectively, but instead, Harry stormed off to the Ministry which ultimately led to his godfather's death. Harry, I feel bad for Sirius, not you.

6. Snape told him to learn Occlumency.

Seriously, if he had just focused during those lessons then he could have blocked Voldemort from entering his dreams and implanting false images. You know ... like Snape told him would happen.

7. He broke Ginny's heart for years.

He knew she loved him, but she finally moved on and started to date other guys when all of a sudden he realized that he wanted to be with her. He's a typical boy.

8. He's also not a good date.

He asked Luna to Slughorn's party and then realized he was going to be embarrassed to be seen with her. Ouch. Not to mention the time he took Parvati Patil to the Yule Ball and then refused to dance with her.

9. He used an Unforgivable Curse.

Yup, he switched from the one spell that he knew to the one-way ticket to Azkaban. Unless you're Harry Potter, and then you can use it and nobody minds? No, I'm sorry, but your honor is diminished.

10. J.K. Rowling told us that once a character is dead, he/she is dead.

Unless you're Harry Potter, and then you can die and come back to life. What? No. Stay dead like everybody else.

11. He constantly puts himself in danger while others risk their lives to keep him safe.

And eventually, many even give their lives for the cause. RIP.

12. Everything he accomplished was due to Hermione.

She discovered the basilisk, she packed the bag before Bill's wedding for their escape, she realized Nicholas Flamel's identity, she saved Sirius and Buckbeak, but it's fine. Keep applauding Harry.

13. He had no extraordinary magical talent.

I know that he produced a Patronus, believe me. But that's about it. Harry was a big believer in "C's get degrees."

14. The time Snape assigned an essay and Harry pulled, "But sir, it's quidditch tomorrow!"

So you can't write an essay? Shut up, Harry. We're all busy.

15. And finally, he stole Neville's lollipop, everyone.


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