Since the beginning of time, dogs were considered man's best friend. In the year 2016, this statement is still relevant. Dogs play many different roles in our lives and having one makes life a whole lot easier.

1. They make great babysitters.

They're so good at their job that they might even pretend that the baby is actually their own puppy.

2. They love to snuggle.

Even though they may not be lap dogs, they sure know how make themselves comfortable.

3. They give the best kisses.

There's nothing better than coming how to a big sloppy wet kiss on the face after a long day of them missing you.

4. They support your decisions.

They can't speak human words, but they can show their support in other ways.

5. They're helpful.

They inspect everything first so they can let you know if it's safe or not.

6. They will never let you miss a meal.

Because they need to eat, too.

7. They're the perfect shot-gun riders.

And they look really cute while doing it.

8. They will let you dress them up.

They might hate what they're wearing, but if it makes you happy, it makes them happy.

9. They always want to play.

Even in two feet of snow...

10. The little things mean the most to them.

A new squeaky toy is all they need.

11. They love to take selfies with you.

They might even be more photogenic than you.

12. They're always there for you when you need them.

And they're the best listeners.