12 Reasons Being A Food Lover Is The best

Everyone has a passion for something. Some people love sports, while others spend their free time painting or singing. Food lovers, however, enjoy looking at, making and eating delicious foods. Although everyone needs food, not everyone can understand the joy it brings to a true food lover!

1. You know too much of a good thing is bad.

All you can eat sushi sounds too good to be true…until you have to unbutton your pants in order to continue sitting at the table. We have all gone overboard at some point and once we forget about the stomach ache we probably will do it again. But a true food lover knows how to indulge without overindulging.

2. You get to look forward to all the food pictures your friends tag you in throughout the day.

Every scrumptious pasta dish or delicious dessert that we see on Instagram throughout the day it is expected to tag your fellow food-lover friends. In return, they will draw your attention to the 15-minute pizza tutorial that they saw on Facebook.

3. You always know the best places to go to eat.

One of the expectations of a food lover is knowing where to get the most for your money. Everyone goes to you for where the best burritos are in your town or where the best bakery is. This type of responsibility is a food lover’s dream, because the research is the best part!

4. You are not afraid to try new foods.

Trying new foods is a hobby for a food lover. Thai one night, Greek the next. You are not intimidated by the unknown.

5. You always know exactly what you are craving.

When you get a craving, you know exactly what it’s for and where you need to go to satisfy it. “I need a cheeseburger, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo, and cheddar and American cheese on a toasted bun with a side of waffle cut fries and I need it NOW!”

6. Finding new recipes is exciting.

You save all of the Facebook and Pinterest videos and recipes because they make it look so easy and you have to try it for yourself.

7. You get to experiment and make new food creations.

You admire the person who thought to make a grilled cheese with macaroni and cheese. Since you discovered this masterpiece you have made it your mission to try as many combinations you can until you come up with one to top the grilled mac and cheese.

8. Being a food lover makes traveling more fun.

One of the best parts about traveling is getting to try all of the new foods. Traveling gives you access to tons of new fresh foods that you just cannot get at home. Which means you will not be thinking about a Chipotle burrito when you are chowing down on fresh pasta in Italy.

9. You remember all your favorite meals because you take pictures of them.

Documenting your favorite foods is part of how you enjoy them. Shamelessly snapping pics of your rainbow bagel so you can show everyone how delicious your breakfast was is part of the fun in eating it. Plus you get to look back and reminisce.

10. You enjoy the little things in life, like chicken nuggets.

All you need to cheer you up is a 10-piece nugget. Oreos can be that little pick-me-up that gets you through a tough day.

11. You know not to judge based on appearance.

It isn’t what’s on the outside that matters to you. You know that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, like cheese and guacamole.

12. You have foods to fit your moods.

When you are stressed and have had a long day, you go straight for the carton of Ben & Jerry’s, while when you are feeling determined, you might go for a pretty salad. Not saying we don’t try to eat ice cream with every meal, but our emotions do tend to guide our food choices most of the time.

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