12 Problems Fraternal Twins Had Growing Up
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12 Problems Fraternal Twins Had Growing Up

Well... let me explain to you what the word 'fraternal' means.

12 Problems Fraternal Twins Had Growing Up

1. Your mom dressed you the same.

Growing up your mom probably dressed you in the same exact outfits until you were old enough to pick out your own clothes. My mom literally bought the same outfit twice multiple times... that is dedication. I will admit our baby pictures are adorable.

2. People call you by the wrong name even though you look nothing alike.

Do we need to wear name tags? I get Ashley and Allyson both start with an A, but is it really that hard? We don't even look alike!!!!

3. "Wait... if y'all are fraternal twins why don't y'all look alike?"

My sister and I didn't understand what fraternal meant for a long time, so we tried reenacting the Parent Trap haircut scene. I ended up with a bald spot, my sister ended up with some really bad layers, and my mom ended up with a really good laugh.

6. You shared everything.

When you share a birthday, odds are you share a lot of other things, too. We shared a room, a car, friends, and even clothes. At least we had different names!

7. Your birthday parties were huge.

We would have a giant birthday party at our church building every year. We would invite every girl in our grade and have a giant sleepover. It was like the Sweet 16 parties for elementary students.

8. Everyone compares you to each other.

This one is prettier, this one is smarter, this one has more talent... blah blah BLAHHHH!!! There's always that one person that thinks it is appropriate to compare you to each other. News flash: IT'S NOT!!!

9. There comes a day when you realize you're not identical.

We tried switching places. That is when we discovered we are not identical. It was hard. It was sad. We had each other, and we survived.

10. No one believes you're actually twins.

After telling people we are twins nobody actually believes us. If we go to a restaurant and want a birthday special we have to show them our IDs because literally nobody believes we are twins.

11. Everyone expects you to be best friends.

Oh, let me tell you. Twins do have a special bond, but my twin and I have had some major throwdowns. Ask any of our friends growing up, we were animals.

12. "Oh my gosh! I have always wanted a twin!"

* uncomfortably laugh and look at each other thinking "if only they knew how annoying it can be" *

Being a twin has its pros and cons, but my twin is my partner in crime, the victim of all of my venting sessions, my built-in best friend, my wombmate, and much, much more; I wouldn't change a thing.

Me and my sis!
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