12 Practical Prank Ideas For April Fools, Or Any Day Really
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12 Practical Prank Ideas For April Fools, Or Any Day Really

Quick and easy pranks to pull off anywhere.

12 Practical Prank Ideas For April Fools, Or Any Day Really

It's that time of the year again where everybody is trying to think of creative April Fool's pranks for their friends, family, and coworkers. If you're stuck this year, here are 12 creative, harmless April Fool's Day prank ideas to really f*** up someone's day.

1. Buy food and write "April Fools" on it and watch people try to figure out what you did to it

Then you'll just have some awesome home-made cookies to yourself.

2. Put a note on someone's car that reads "sorry about the damage" and watch them look frantically for it

3. Text a gif of the 'typing' symbol to drive your friends crazy

They'll keep waiting for a text that's never coming.

4. Change someone's autocorrect shortcuts

5. Place fake bugs in the lamps and light fixtures

Use DIY spider cutouts to really freak someone out.

6. Replace your roommate's deodorant with whipped cream or cream cheese

7. Substitute ketchup in a jelly donut

The look on their face will be priceless.

8. Make some brown E's for the office

9. Replace your family photos with a celebrity's photos

See just how long it takes someone to notice.

10. Cover soap bars in clear nail polish

11. Replace all the apps on someone's phone screen with a screenshot

They'll be stuck trying to click on their apps, wondering why they won't work or open.

12. Casually eat pudding out of a mayo jar

This one will have everyone wondering if you are disturbed.

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