12 Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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12 Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Party Animals, Gifts from god, and Mean Girls. My oh my!

12 Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you prepared? As a college student, I can say that a Halloween costume is not the first thing on my mind, If you're in the same boat as I am, take a look at these 12 costumes that are easy to put together at the last possible minute!

1. Rosie the Riveter.

Grab a jean shirt and a red bandanna and you're set!

2. Beanie Babies

Grab literally any pair of ears and a beanie babies label and you have yourself a costume!

3. Fruit

Take a dress, add some detail and a head piece. Halloween costume complete.

4. Where's Waldo

Almost effortless!

5. Identity Theft

Take any old shirt and add some name tags. Simple as that.

6. Troll Doll

Get some of your friends together and wear a nude dress with a colorful wig and you are a group of toll dolls!

7. A Party Animal

put on a pair of ears and a party hat and you're an instant party animal.

8. A bank robber

All you need is a mask, hat, and black and white stripped shirt!

9. Ceiling Fan

So very clever. Grab some pom poms and a shirt with some letters, and you have a costume!

10. Risky Business

A classic. Take a white button down and some sun glasses and you're good to go.

11. Mean Girls Characters

From Damien to Regina George, any character is easy to fulfill.

12. A Gift from God

Simple actually, all you need is a tag. Done.

If you're on a time crunch this halloween, hopefully this list helped you out! So what will it be party animal or a gift from God?!

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