12 Lessons I Learned In 2016

12 Lessons I Learned In 2016

Worldwide events all forced us to reexamine our own goals on an individual scale.

Lessons Learned

There are a lot of words that could be used to describe 2016. Some positive, negative, and an even a balance of both could suffice. But whatever side you fall on more, I see this year first and foremost as a year of reflection.

Though it's perfectly natural, I see this as a year where I have made definite, impactful, and crucial changes in my life. I'm sure others would be able to say the same. It was a big year in pop culture, entertainment, and unsurprisingly politics. Worldwide events all forced us to reexamine our own goals on an individual scale. When looking back, these are the lessons that resonated most with me that I will take away as we say goodbye to 2016.

1. When you’re young, you feel everyone doubts you. When you’re older, the only person who continues to doubt you is yourself.

2. Whether it’s in a dress, entering a room, or meeting a date, make a dramatic entrance. Life’s too short to not let the room know how great you are.

3. Life often throws at us obstacles we feel we are incapable of taking on, yet in the blink of an eye we suddenly become someone else.

4. Accept that sometimes your overscheduled life will come crashing down and all you can do is grab a glass of wine (or whatever you fancy), vent, refocus, and ride out the wave.

5. If you feel like bursting into musical numbers to express your emotions, chances are you’re on the heels of something wonderful.

6. Amidst struggle, it can be hard to see an end point. Success often includes years of hard work, patience, and collaboration.

7. From cursed children to fantastic beasts, Harry Potter will always be a magical place for generations young and old to turn to (even when J.K needs to get off the internet).

8. Mistakes do not define us but are crucial in understanding how we’ve become who we are.

9. The will of curiosity can push you to overcome fear and in that, you will always be more thankful for having taken risks instead of leaving options unconsidered.

10. The sooner you let your inner badass show, the sooner you will be able to find pride in saying, “This is who I am.”

11. Life is full of terrible moments. You may not be able to forget them, but you become stronger because of them.

12. Trust that you’re good at what you love to do and let people think of it what they will.

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