12 Iconic Movies To Get You Ready For Summer
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12 Iconic Movies To Get You Ready For Summer

Take a break from stressing about finals to watch one of these classic summer films.

12 Iconic Movies To Get You Ready For Summer

Spring is finally here, but before you can cut loose for summer you have to get through three more weeks of school. To keep morale high during your studying and essay-writing, take a break every once in a while and indulge in one of these classic summer films. They'll remind you of the good old days when summer vacation meant staying in bed until 2, spending hours in the pool, and watching movies with your friends all night.

1. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Summer means spending quality time with your best friends, reconnecting with your family, going on adventures, and maybe even finding yourself. And this movie has all of that.

2. High School Music 2

Nothing says "summer" like Troy Bolton angrily running/dancing/singing around a golf course.

3. Blue Crush

This movie may or may not have inspired a surfer-girl phase when you were younger. No matter what, it's still an iconic girl-power summer flick.

4. Aquamarine

The only thing that needs to be said about this movie is this: JoJo is in it. I repeat, JoJo is in it.

5. The Hannah Montana Movie

This movie has everything you would want in a summer flick: pre-2013 VMA's Miley, some livestock, some line-dancing, some summer romance, and some killer farmer-chic fashion.

6. The Last Song

While we're on the topic of pre-2013 Miley Cyrus, this movie must be mentioned. You know you cry every time you watch it, not because the dad dies at the end (it's too late in the game to be concerned about spoilers) but because Miley and Liam didn't work out in real life. Seriously, just look at them.

7. Blue Lagoon

This movie is pretty implausible, and a little disturbing actually, but still an essential summer film. It'll make you thankful for clothing and sunscreen, but will also make you wish you had waist-length hair (just a little bit).

8. The Sandlot

The Sandlot is a summer classic. It'll make you miss the innocent days of your childhood, and maybe even inspire you to leave the house and do something athletic this summer.

9. Dirty Dancing

High-waisted shorts, men in tank tops, sweaty outdoor dancing, big hair...Dirty Dancing is the original iconic summer film.

10. Tree of Life

A little sad, a little spacey, but also beautiful and thought-provoking, this film will make you want to contemplate your existence while walking through a field at dusk.

11. Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson definitely knows how to capture all the innocent childhood fun of summertime on film. This movie will make you want to run away from home and dance beach-side in your tighty-whities.

12. Cruel Intentions

If childhood innocence isn't your vibe this summer, Cruel Intentions is for you. Nothing is more inspiring that two super rich kids running around NYC and ruining lives all summer. Plus, the 90's summer fashion is impeccable.

While you're freaking out about final papers and your summer internship plans, take a break and watch one of these movies. They're sure to distract you from your stress and get you in the mood for a summer adventure.

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