It's almost that time- move in day! We all love the idea of moving back into school- freedom! Friends! Parties! However, we often forget the nitty-gritty of getting to that point- packing the car until it is stuffed to the brim, hauling all of your stuff up flights of stairs, and sweating profusely. Although we can't wait to start the next semester, here are 12 gifs that perfectly describe move-in day.

1. Packing all of your clothes:

2. Packing all of your toiletries/other essentials:

3. Fitting it all into the car:

4. Squeezing yourself into the car:

5. Realizing you must carry your stuff up multiple flights of stairs:

6. Scoping out your new room:

7. Getting stuck behind someone walking slowly while you're carrying something heavy:

8. Enlisting your friends to help you:

9. Realizing you forgot something important at home:

10. Unpacking all of your stuff:

11. Admiring your finished product:

12. Celebrating another successful move-in with all of your friends: