With the holidays right around the corner, you're bound to be lazing around in a food coma in a relative's living room at some point.

Family time is important, but let's be honest: we all need a post-meal chill session. This often leaves the house split, with the older relatives catching up on the sofa and the little kids chasing each other and nearly taking out the dessert table.

So, where does that leave you and the rest of the teenage-twenty something cousins? Probably in the basement watching a TV show that two out of ten agree on watching, but no one cares enough or has the energy to argue.

While everyone is unbuttoning their dress pants and scrounging for a third plate, you'll be prepared with a phone full of fun apps to keep you all occupied until it's time to say your goodbyes and pass out during the car ride home.

Most of these are a blast from the past from when you got your first iPod touch and spent the rest of break absorbed in it. Be warned that you may develop another addiction.

Who cares, right?

1. 8-Ball Pool

This list is in no particular order, but this one takes the top spot in my book because you can play whether you have service or not. You can also play against randoms, other people in the room, or play two-player on one device.

2. Cookie Dozer

Whether it's the regular or Thanksgiving version, you'll be aching for the cookie jar to refill so you can drop more sweets. There are tons of different versions of this game, including various Coin Dozer games (although I prefer to look at cookies). Either way, you'll probably end up downloading them all waiting for each one to refill -- you can question this decision tomorrow.

3. Prize Claw

Like Cookie Dozer, this one requires refills but is worth the wait. You can change the theme of your machine and upgrade your claws. Every arcade-obsessed kid's dream!

4. Trivia Crack

This one will for sure cost you some friendships. The craze may be over, but the app's new and old features are still addicting.

5. Angry Birds

Yes, they have names. A blast from the past: you may still have this one tucked away in a game folder on your phone. The best (or worst) part about this app is how many new levels are constantly being added. Not only do you strive to beat every level, but you also can go back and aim for the three stars if by chance you run out of worlds.

Oh, there's also Angry Birds 2.

6. Tiny Wings

Simple and sweet. Never in my life has a tiny, individual, virtual bird caused so much frustration and satisfaction at the same time (besides Flappy Bird, of course-- RIP).

7. Where's My Water?

Disney Mobile has never done so well. Use basic physics to carve a path to the drain, collect ducks and uncover secret prizes along the way. Swampy, Allie, and Cranky will keep you busy for hours -- and who doesn't love a catchy song stuck in their head?

8. Candy Crush

No explanation needed.

9. Flow

This is a good app for road trips or plane rides because you don't need service to play it. It's a great way to keep your brain functioning if you have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time.

10. Super Stickman Golf

At this rate, there are two more extension apps of this game because it's just that fun. The course themes are unique and pleasing to look at. Check it out!

11. The Sims FreePlay

The most dedication you will ever have to any smartphone application in your entire life resides in this virtual world. You've been warned.

12. Office Jerk

Perfect for letting out some frustration. Also available in Holiday and Zombie editions.