12 Funny Memes To Get You To Winter Break

12 Funny Memes To Get You To Winter Break

Let's add a few laughs in these stressful times

Amber McCarty

The end of the semester is stressful and overwhelming. Here are some funny memes to lighten the load and get you to the end.

1. Motivation is lacking and the end of the semester is full of so many assignments and exams. Power through, power through.

2. When the professor gets this brilliant idea to pack in every assignment right before finals week. You expect me to ace the exam and do all the busy work you ask of me?

3. When your last hope is Quizlet, you know you’ve come to the end of the semester.

4. I’ve never looked so disheveled and confused than in the last weeks of the semester. No…I am not okay. Do not ask again.

5. The word that emanates through every thought and dream. It haunts you until that last day.

6. Studying does not stop. You do it everywhere. Just keep studying. You’ll get there.

7. Exam schedules are horrifying. Why does a college think it’s okay to schedule three exams in one day? Do you want me to live until tomorrow?

8. Those grades will either be horrifying or pleasing. Hopefully, they’ll be in your favor.

9. Sleep is not in your vocabulary for the last few weeks of the semester. Pretty much, you’ll sleep when you’re dead.

10. The relief of finishing the last final. The freedom that comes with walking out those doors.

11. You’ll reach winter break soon enough. Where sleep is finally back in your vocabulary and homework is nowhere to be found.

12. You’ll make it to the end. Stick it out and continue to work hard and learn. The semester is almost over. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You got this.

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