Education majors are constantly told that their major is well... pointless. We constantly get asked the same questions that pretty much insinuate that we are going no where in life. I speak for all of us when I say enough is enough. Teachers always say that there are no stupid questions, but us education majors beg to differ. Here is our reactions to these questions and our sarcastic responses:

1. "You do know it is very hard to find a job. How are you going to get one?"

Please keep reminding me that I will spend four or more years paying for a degree I may not be able to use right away.

2. "How do you expect to have time for children of your own if you're always babysitting other people's kids?"

I just wouldn't because by choosing this major I have relinquished all rights to having a life of my own beyond the classroom.

3. "Do you really want to graduate from school just to go right back?"

Yeah, I just love it that much.

4. "Those who can't do teach, am I right?"

Exactly my thoughts! You're right, I suck at everything!

5. "Do you have a backup plan when that doesn't work out?"

The streets will always have job openings.

6. "So do you just play school all day in class?"

Yeah, everyone gets their own mini chalkboard.

7. "Are you just in it for the pension?"

Obviously because then I will have extra cash so I can buy medication for my old aching bones.

8. "How can you possibly deal with those obnoxious kids all day?"

I'd say pretty well because I'm dealing with your obnoxious questions right now.

9. "You know you're not going to make a lot of money, right?"

This is the first I have heard of such a phenomenon.

10. "Are you just doing it so you have all summer to vacation?"

Well you just told me I wasn't going to make any money so how would I pay for these vacations?

11. "Are you going to give my kids an A if you teach them?"

As long as they don't ask me stupid questions like you do.

12. "Why do you want to teach anyway?"

Definitely not for the children.

Teachers are what shape the future of society. I would not have chosen my major if I didn't want to help be a part of this process. Teachers work long and hard to make sure YOU and YOUR kids get the education they deserve so that they can be what they want in the future. We chose to be teachers. So next time you think about asking an education major one of these questions... DON'T.