12 Apps College Students Should Not Live Without
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12 Apps College Students Should Not Live Without

Simplify your education with these programs!

12 Apps College Students Should Not Live Without

So much of our lives is spent on our iPhones or laptops, so making this everyday experience as simple and enjoyable as possible is a must. In this day and age, apps are a huge part of our lives and have evolved into a necessity for our generation. College students especially rely on apps and programs to get through the semester and to keep themselves organized. Finding the perfect app to benefit you can be a challenge, but hopefully my list will make it a bit easier.

1. Wunderlist

In this simple but extremely helpful app, you can create to-do lists for each of your classes. You are able to set reminders for the assignments so you never forget to complete a task. I found this app particularly helpful because I could have it both on my iPhone and on my Mac and get notifications on both. Even though at the beginning of the semester it is a bit tedious to type in all of your assignments from the syllabus and their due dates, it is completely worth it because I felt more organized and was able to complete my tasks on time.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to make and share flashcard sets and study them in a variety of different ways. After making the set, you can study them in a traditional flashcard manner, learn them by typing the word when prompted with a definition, create a test or play a game. With a simple search on Quizlet, many of your flashcards may have been already made by someone else and are available for your use. This app is very helpful for a difficult vocabulary list or a long test since you can personalize your flashcards and make them much faster than by hand.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of my favorite apps because it lets me type out my schedule for the semester and color code it by class. You can also put the location of your classes and events so you never forget where you are going. You can also set notifications for before your class so you get a daily reminder of your schedule.

4. Evernote

Evernote is one of the better note-taking apps because it has very simple controls and allows you to easily insert pictures, change fonts and format notes the way you want to. Your notes can be accessed online and on the app and can be edited from anywhere. The notes are easy to print out and organize so that students can use them in their own ways.

5. Dictionary.com

Since vocabulary is such a significant part of college education, having a simple and reliable dictionary app is essential. This one is very easy to use and can be accessed both online and on your phone. The word of the day helps you to improve your vocabulary skills and learn a new word each day.

6. Amazon

Since you can get Amazon Prime free for 6 months with your student email, having the Amazon app is an easy way to take advantage of the benefits. With free two-day shipping and usually much lower prices than other sources, Amazon is a quick and easy way to get all of your school supplies and other college necessities. Amazon also has a textbook rental program that saves you a lot of money compared to purchasing your books from your school's bookstore.

7. Starbucks

As college students, we all need our coffee. The Starbucks app allows you to purchase a gift card and reload it with money when it runs out. Each time you use the card you earn stars and stars eventually get you a free drink or food item. You also get free rewards on your birthday. It is definitely a way to save money on your daily latte.

8. Groupon

Groupon gives you access to exclusive offers and coupons. Often, these offers are for restaurants or activities in your local area and can save you tons of money on things that may not have been affordable before! Paying attention to Groupon is an easy way to explore the city around you and discover new things.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive is a great way to ensure that your files will never be lost. You can store all of your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in your Drive and easily share them with friends, which allows them to edit and comment on them. Google has become an easy place for everything, including email, video chats, files and photos. Drive adds to this simplicity and is definitely a college necessity.

10. EasyBib

One of the most difficult parts about writing an essay is creating the citations. EasyBib completes this daunting task for you. You simply enter the name and author of a book or the link to a website and EasyBib can create a citation in almost every format. After writing a long paper, having the citations created in a second is definitely a blessing.

11. Venmo

Venmo is an easy and secure way to send money to friends. Instead of going to dinner with ten friends and giving ten credit cards, one person can pay and everyone else can send money. This makes paying friends back much easier than finding the right amount of cash.

12. Google Maps

Google Maps is essential for navigating your college town! In a new city it is sometimes difficult to find your way around efficiently. This helpful app gives detailed and accurate directions from your location to your desired destination. By using Google Maps you can find all of the different sites and activities you want to see and do in your new home.

Since today's college students rely on apps and technology, students should be able to find simple and beneficial apps. Any program that can ease the difficulty of studying as a college student should be widely known. Hopefully now you can find the right app for you and find ease in your education!

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