It’s been the week from hell. Studying for tests, writing essays, and just overall praying that you will be able to make it through to your last final without too many mental breakdowns. You truck on day after day and sleepless night. Making the library your new home and forgetting what a normal sleep schedule is. You’ve been wearing sweatpants for a week straight and can’t remember the last time you combed your hair. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. All those end of finals week feelings start coming up and it’s making it even harder to focus. But then boom, it’s over!

  1. When you walk out of your last final, honestly not caring what grade you’re about to receive, because you are just thankful you are finally done.
  2. The final moment of dread when you realize that you haven’t packed anything at all to head home.
  3. And that terrifying moment when you realize that you need to pack your car.
  4. Realizing that all the books you’ve sticky noted and highlighted all semester need to be returned, ASAP.
  5. Just wanting to nap until christmas.
  6. Finally getting into the holiday spirit.
  7. Hoping to attend an ugly sweater party because what better way to have fun after all the stress.
  8. That awkward week or so gap where you are waiting for your grades to be posted, but don’t want to check in case you are a total failure.
  9. Realizing this break is only a month.
  10. Realizing you have to go that entire month without your roommates.
  11. That exciting feeling realizing that your are going home to at least one home cooked meal.
  12. And being totally excited to go back and do it all again next semester.