12 Back To School Tips Everyone Needs To Know
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Student Life

12 Back To School Tips Everyone Needs To Know

It's that time of year again...

12 Back To School Tips Everyone Needs To Know

It is that time of year again where you walk into Target and see "Back to School" signs plastered everywhere. I can almost feel the late night studying and panic attacks. On the bright side it is football season and tailgating season. It is amazing how college will be the best time of your life but also the worst. Through the most stressful time you also get to make amazing memories and make so many friends, so it evens out. My first year I learned time management and how to prioritize.

1. Leave early to find a parking spot. They are nearly impossible to find so good luck to you all.

2. Enjoy syllabus week. This is by far the easiest week and just remember it only goes downhill from here.

3. Don't wait until the night before to write a paper. You will probably end up watching Netflix and panicking the next morning.

4. Email your professors to let them know what a good job they are doing. It will pay off if you start kissing their butts now.

5. Make friends in every class. You don't want to suffer alone.

6. If you don't understand the material always ask. It will be less embarrassing than failing a test.

7. Don't skip class. The one day you skip will be the hardest class of the semester.

8. Keep up with homework. The professor will ask you about it in front of the entire lecture so save yourself.

9. Take notes. That two hour lecture is not meant for naps and Netflix.

10. Don't eat Ramen everyday. Freshman Fifteen is no rumor.

11. Don't slack. Going out is fun but get your moneys worth out of your education.

12. Have fun. Go make friends and discover yourself.

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