12 Baby Animals Who Believe You Can Ace Your Finals

Final exams and project due dates are creeping up fast. The season of stress is upon us. Just as the weather is getting warm and lovely, drawing us outside, the library ropes us back in. Only the sheer terror of failure is keeping us from frolicking in the sun and forgetting our responsibilities.

And let's be honest...some days even that isn't enough for our tired brains.

For those moments when you need an extra boost of motivation, or just a really adorable study break, here are some words of wisdom from 12 baby animals who believe you can do it!

1. Stay positive! You can do this!

2. Studying is better with a buddy.

3. Whether it's your first cup, your second, or your... fifth, a good cup of coffee can help you power through those late night study sessions.

4. Treats are excellent for motivation.

5. Write down due dates, otherwise, you might forget!

6. Procrastination = Stress. Try not to leave everything until the last minute.

7. The library will become your home because, in spite of that last piece of advice, you will probably leave some stuff until the last minute.

8. But everything will be okay, I promise!

9. You can totally hit that essay word count, go!

10. You deserve that power nap.

11. Just keep working for a little while longer. Soon it will all be worth it!

12. Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that you can ace those tests!

Good luck with your exams everyone! Summer will be here soon!

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