12 Absolutely Fire Songs You Need To Hear
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12 Absolutely Fire Songs You Need To Hear

Each of these twelve songs has a lit track with flaming lyrics and blazing music videos that will long remain burned into memory after they've blown out.

12 Absolutely Fire Songs You Need To Hear

It's common for songwriters and singers to incorporate different themes and elements into their songs. Some use themes like love and relationships and others use wilder, natural elements. I never knew there were such great such songs about fire and firey elements out there until I heard the ones on this list.

Many of the songs are about partying and having a good time, while some are able to incorporate different emotions and tie them into stories about making friends and falling in and out of love.

Each of these twelve songs has a lit track with flaming lyrics and blazing music videos that will long remain burned into memory after they've blown out. Okay, enough of the fire puns, here are the twelve firey songs that I've heard and thought were too awesome to not be shared.

1. Fire - BTS

A lot of the rising K-Pop band, BTS's, songs have been literally fire, but this song is literally about fire. The music video portrays the seven South Korean cuties setting different things on fire and dancing wildly around them. The song starts off with Suga shaking hands with a man in a dark cloak and with a push of a button on his mixtape, the man explodes into flames. (Spoiler Alert: if you watch the behind the scenes making of this music video, you find out the guy was actually on fire and the crew just used a fire hydrant to blow it out after they got their shot). A lot of fans think that this scene symbolizes that they don't care what their haters have to say and they're just going to keep doing their own thing. The song incorporates both Korean and English words together to create a total banger that's great for blasting at a party or in the club.


Another amazing K-Pop group to deliver a song about fire is BLACKPINK, the four-member girl group that's delivered as many hot hits as BTS. "Playing With Fire" is from their album,Square Two, and it's also a poppy dance number with things burning in the background. The song is about how falling in love can be painful and dangerous, but it can be hard to resist a sudden attraction to someone.

3. Fire In My Soul - Walk Off The Earth

Not to be confused with the band Walk The Moon, Walk Off The Earth is a Canadia alternative rock band who became more known after releasing their hit song "Rule The World" in 2015. They've had a lot more great hits after that, including "Fire In My Soul" which is a hot inspirational number that's perfect for working out at the gym or listening to when you're feeling down and out. The song exudes out confidence and determination towards a goal, and motivates to keep moving towards that goal instead of giving up.

4. Firecracker - Dyllan Murray ft. Tyga, Jack & Jack

This is a cute little love song/party hit sung by 19-year-old pop singer Dyllan Murray with a rap intro by Tyga and featuring Jack and Jack, an American pop-rap duo from Omaha, Nebraska who found fame on Vine. It's surprisingly good and catchy and doesn't take long before it's stuck in your head.

5. Empires On Fire - BANNERS

Somewhat of a sad song that can be both be about a disastrous relationship that's starting to fall apart and about the world we're currently living in and how if we don't pay attention, everything could soon be destroyed. The song also addresses the issue of global warming in the lyrics where he sings “Now we’re falling through the ice / We made our bed and rolled the dice.” Mike Nelson, or BANNERS as he goes by on stage, delivers a very strong and powerful song which may sound a little depressing at first but is filled with important elements and inspirational lyrics that shouldn't be ignored.

6. Fire And Fury - Skillet

Skillet is a Christian rock band who always delivers strong and powerful songs. They're one of those bands that have been there for the 13-year-olds that went through an angry and hateful phase (ahem, me included) and is still continuing to make music till today. The song is about God's love for his children and the commitment they've made to God, and how they're willing to do anything for their Savior.

7. Playing With Fire - Thomas Rhett ft. Jordin Sparks/Danielle Bradbery

"Playing With Fire" is a cute, Country song written by cute Country singer Thomas Rhett who sings about trying to avoid a certain person who used to be an old flame, but still finding their way back to them. He sings a version with both Danielle Bradberry and Jordin Sparks. (I personally like Danielle's voice better for the song as she too is a Country singer). A song about a toxic love affair and a flame that just can't be put out, this song will definitely get stuck in your head and light up your insides with the intoxicating lyrics.

8. Smoke And Fire - Sabrina Carpenter

You may recognize Sabrina Carpenter from the Disney Channel spinoff off "Boy Meets World", where she plays the best friend of the main character in "Girl Meets World". Other than acting and modeling, the young star, like many of the older Disney Channel stars (Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, etc.), has started up a music career as well. "Smoke and Fire" is from her second album, Evolution, and was written by Carpenter herself. It's a sizzling break-up song which expresses the feelings one experiences after a relationship has ended. Carpenter has commented on the song saying it's not so much about the other person, but about how the media and those around tends to act after a relationship has blown out.

9. Heart On Fire - Scars On 45

"Heart On Fire" is an old song. I first heard it was when I was 14 or so. The second time I heard it was on an episode of the hit medical show, Grey's Anatomy, which I started to binge watch 5 years later. This song is sad and soothing, and about friendship and love. The music video includes the band playing their respective instruments in a room while a crew of firefighters runs about trying to put out a fire and save those trapped inside the house (not including the band). The song will definitely leave a scar on your heart.

10. Into The Fire - Thirteen Senses

"Into The Fire" is another song that has been featured on Grey's Anatomy. It appeared in the pilot episode and was used multiple times throughout the later seasons. (Spoiler Alert: a cover of this song was played while Derek died on the operating table in Season 11). In February 2011, a YouTube video montage that was created of the anti-government uprising in Egypt used the song as its soundtrack and garnered over one and a half million views in under a week. Overall, this song has been used for numerous reasons in a variety of ways for a reason: the lyrics and the sound hold an importance that will long remain burned into memory.

11. Open Fire - Kate Boy

"Open Fire" is a song that lyrically is about meeting someone who just ignites your soul from the inside out. Kate Boy are a Swedish synthpop duo from Stockholm and they released this song way back in 2014. I only recently stumbled upon it, but it's easy to get addicted to it. While the title of the songs a bit dangerous or ominous, it's a really peppy and fun song to dance to and jam out to. It's about friendship and loving the people in your life and allowing them to bring out something special in you.

12. Firewood - Eliot Sumner

If you don't know, Eliot Sumner AKA Coco AKA Vaal is the daughter of singer Sting and actress Trudie Styler. While there's not much info on the song, lyrically it is about needed to spend some time hanging out and what I interpreted as just trying to kill time with some people. It's a good song about good times with good views and musically, it gives me so much life. There's no doubt that Eliot is as talented as her father was and still is. "Firewood" is a laid-back, hot track to play when hanging out with friends and experiencing all the good times life has to offer before you, as Eliot puts it, "burn out like firewood".

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