11 Weird Donald Trump Themed Products That You Can Actually Buy
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11 Weird Donald Trump Themed Products That You Can Actually Buy

The Internet is so wonderful and useful, but it's also full of stuff like this.

11 Weird Donald Trump Themed Products That You Can Actually Buy

Donald Trump is an odd guy. He makes a lot of lewd statements, gets a lot of publicity, and, somehow, gets a lot of votes. That's right, although many of us thought that his run in the presidential race might turn out to be a joke, this is really happening.

Just like this tweet, Donald Trump's position in the election is shockingly real.

Of course, many of us are wondering how to handle all of this. We are wondering if a man who seems so careless, rash, and hotheaded could really be president. Is he experienced enough? Does he have enough political knowledge?

However, Trump has lost the support of a large portion of the GOP. There are many influential Republicans who do not believe that Trump is diplomatic or experienced enough to sit in the Oval Office and there are even talks of recruiting a third party candidate.

Luckily for Trump, if he is ousted by the GOP, he doesn't have to forget all of the fun times that he's had while saying offensive things and making people feel uncomfortable on social media. There are lots of memorabilia for sale on Amazon.com to remind him of that.

1. "Bard of the Deal: The Poetry of Donald Trump"

The excerpt reads, "I was attacked viciously / By those women, / Of course, it's very hard for them / To attack me on looks / Because I'm so good looking."

2. Novelty Trump Four Billion Dollar Bill

It's "made in the USA (or possibly Mexico - but probably the USA... yes, it's definitely the USA)!"

3. Donald Trump Piñata

Does the phrase "ready to burst" make anyone else a little uncomfortable?

4. Donald Trump Coloring Book

I'm not sure if this is for kids or for adults.

5. 3-D Donald Trump Puzzle

I'm never sleeping again.

6. A Tiny Donald Trump Costume

It doesn't specifically say "Trump" on it, but it comes up in the search results when you look up "Donald Trump" on Amazon.

7. Donald Trump Vuvuzela

I never thought that I'd say that combination of words together.

8. Donald Trump Socks

These can be worn with Trump costume.

9. Talking Donald Trump Pen

Just in case you wanted to hear more of the voice that we all know by now.

10. Donald Trump Hot Sauce

The description says, "No PC added." Does hot sauce usually contain political correctness? Isn't food just food?

11. Donald Trump Dog T-shirt

Do dogs even like wearing shirts? This one just looks confused. (I must admit, I am confused too.)

I know that you're probably checking your bank accounts now to make sure that you have enough money to buy all of this stuff. Don't worry, it seems like there's plenty of weird, unnecessary memorabilia for all of us.

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