11 Ways You Can Survive Valentine's Day When Cupid Leaves You High And Dry
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11 Ways You Can Survive Valentine's Day When Cupid Leaves You High And Dry

So you are alone on Valentine's Day. Don't worry, plenty of people are.

11 Ways You Can Survive Valentine's Day When Cupid Leaves You High And Dry

So you are alone on Valentine's Day. Don't worry, plenty of people are.

It just means you don't need to buy chocolates for anyone but yourself. All you need is the right mood and some friends to survive this Hallmark holiday. So pull out your wallet, your phone, and throw on some shoes, because I'm going to tell you exactly how to make this the best Valentine's Day you've ever. And yes, without someone to love.

1. Go get some food.

And I'm talking the best food ever. Valentine's Day is about love, and who better to love than yourself. Get some McDonalds, an Aunty Anne's pretzel, AND chocolate. (BTW everything gets discounted after Valentine's Day, so you can have some really cheap chocolate from the 15th past.)

2. Go out with friends.

Romance-love and friendship-love are miles apart, yet so closely related. Going out with friends can be just as good as going out with that cute guy or gal. So go bowling, have a sleepover, watch Disney movies on repeat. Just don't let the fact you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend ruin your night.

3. Watch movies.

Either stay in and watch Netflix or go out to see a movie. No shame in seeing something by yourself and ordering large quantities of food. Bonus points if you don't watch The Notebook.

4. Go do a photoshoot.

Either grab some friends to do it or just head out. It still gives you the chance to dress up and post fire pictures to Instagram later, not to mention the fact that you get to get out of the house and do something you don't normally do.

5. Go spoil yourself.

I'm talking going to the mall, getting Chinese, thrift store shopping, and even massages if you like those. Eat all the chocolate you want, buy all the clothes you want, and spoil yourself silly. As Donna would say, "Treat yo Self!"

6. Cook yourself a meal.

Nothing eats up the day faster than cooking, and nothing feels better than eating something that you made yourself. Maybe you can even make something for your friends and make it one large dinner party.

7. Go clubbing.

Nothing beats romance like wearing something short, black, and all that. You'll pretty much be spending the same as you would on Valentine's gift as you would getting into the club anyway. And who knows, you may find someone you like there.

8. Get Tinder and go wild.

Try to find other singles and see if they are interested in hanging with you. Who knows it'll either be a relationship or a one night stand, but either way you'll have fun.

9. Call your parents.

Not everything on Valentine's day has to do with romance, sometimes it is just calling the people you love and letting them know you're okay. Just keep in mind when you call that they actually have dates to get to while you have no romantic plans to get ready for.

10. Wear comfy clothing.

You're pretty much only dressing for yourself, so you might as well get comfy, hang back, and throw on a snuggie or go commando

11. Go to the gym.

There's nothing better than getting a good workout and a stronger body, especially when everyone else is eating out and getting chocolates.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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