11 Ways You Know You're the Quirky Friend
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11 Ways You Know You're the Quirky Friend

For "Friends" fans, number two is so relatable.


1. You have no patience for small talk.

If you want to fall asleep, instead of drinking warm milk and taking Benadryl, just have a conversation about the weather and work. You’d much rather discuss controversial issues, existential ideas, and hypothetical situations.

2. You’ve often been compared to Phoebe Buffay.

For you quirky kids, Phoebe is your spirit animal. Everyone loves Phoebe. She’s sweet, funny, and utterly insane. You could do a lot worse (i.e. you could be Ross).

3. You become over-excited about things that seem unimportant.

I'll give a personal example. Yes, I did squeal and start crying when I found out that my favorite high school teacher was pregnant. And yes, my friends did not understand my overwhelming joy.

4. Awkward public situations are dangerous for you (and your friends).

God help you quirky friends, in uncomfortable positions. In order to cope with those situations, you might make strange comments, sing, do a weird dance, etc. You feel sorry for embarrassing your normal friends.

5. You send strange texts to your friends only to get no reply.

It’s three in the morning, and you can’t sleep. Naturally, the only thing to do is to come up with a new philosophical idea or a seemingly charming pun and text it to your friends. You wait and wait and wait for the reply. It never comes.

6. Head shakes and raised eyebrows from friends and family are the norm.

In the middle of your spiel about the Russian Revolution, you can sense your mom is wondering if you were actually switched at birth and, if so, how to get that other child back.

7. You have to remind yourself when meeting new people to act normal…

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents, interviewing for jobs, and having conversations with strangers stress you out, because you fully understand how quirky you actually are. You put all your energy into trying to act normal.

8. But you have no idea what normal actually is.

9. Weird hobbies and interests sustain you (and confuse your friends).

Whether it’s quilting, beekeeping, or watching documentaries about religious cults, you find yourself at peace at activities that your friends just don’t get.

10. Friends think you're hilarious and, simultaneously, have plans to put you in a mental asylum.

You: *tells joke*

Friend: (laughs uncontrollably) You’re insane. What is wrong with you?

11. But all-in-all, you know you love your quirky personality, because normal is overrated.

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