11 Ways cooking brings the family together

11 Ways cooking brings the family together

We all love food, so why not share it?

Cooking occurs in the kitchens of almost every household across the world. It’s the expression of an imaginative mind, hungry belly, and love for creating delicious food. Sharing the experience with your family can be a fun way to create lasting bonds and memories.

Here are just a few ways in which cooking brings a family closer.

1. Memories

Some of the best memories may be those of a family member creating one of their favorite dishes. My grandfather and I used to soak tomatoes in oil and spices hours before a meal so that they could have time to sit. When you have a family who loves to cook, the memories created while preparing a meal are often cherished for a lifetime.

2. Lessons

The passing from generation to generation of “secret ingredients” and tricks of the trade. Whether it’s a special way to make sure your pie crust doesn’t stick to the pan, or being able to recognize when an egg white is whipped to perfection, it’s all done through the teachings of family members.

3. Healthy competition

Whether it’s a holiday meal or a simple family dinner, a little battle of the wooden spoons is a great way to add some spice to the action. My dish usually wins…

4. Providing for your loved ones

Being able to cook a meal for the people you care for is a rewarding experience that brings everyone closer together.

5. Bonds created while working in the kitchen

The ties with your family grow stronger as you work together to prepare a meal, even though it may get a bit tight when everyone has to use the same cutting board at once.

6. Passing on the lessons that you’ve learned

One day, the lessons in which you were taught are once again ready to be passed on to another generation. Passing your skills onto children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews are key to keeping tradition.

7. Sharing

Whether it’s handing out jams and Jellies made fresh in your kitchen, or using your household as professional taste testers, you can always count on someone to try out your new creation.

8. Reminiscing

Creating your favorite dishes can bring back old memories of meal time conversations, loved ones, or a “taste of childhood” we all know and love.

9. Tradition

Keeping up with tradition can be a fun aspect of any meal time or preparation. Games, cooking roles, and special dates are just a few ways of maintaining those special memories.

10. Holidays

Celebrating holidays with family wouldn’t be the same without food. Lots and lots of food. Turkey, Christmas cookies, pasta, casseroles. You name it.

11. Spreading the love.

The best part after any cooking session, is being able to sit down with your loved ones to enjoy it.

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(Other location

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Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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