Netflix has got to be one of the best inventions ever made. Over the years it has turned millions of users into "Netflixaholics." There is just something that makes it so addicting.

There are even times when your life revolves around it and all your free time becomes Netflix time. You start to realize you have a problem when you can't seem remember a time in your life when you actually went outside and socialized with actual people. Then when Netflix basically becomes your significant other, you feel like it’s the best thing in your life and that you can’t live without it! So here are the 12 warning signs Netflix is consuming your life:

1. You spend all day at work or school daydreaming about what you're going to watch when you get home.

2. You avoid doing homework by watching "just one more episode." *wink wink*

3. Your 'Recommended List' is literally perfect. Netflix knows you so well.

4. You cancel plans to binge watch a series.

5. You haven’t slept in days because every time you think you’ll shut your computer off, you see the 30 second countdown to the next episode and figure, “Ehh, maybe just one more episode.”

6. You have all the release dates written and saved in your planner. "Today is the day the new season of 'How to get Away with Murder' comes out! It’s like Christmas morning!"

7. You occasionally have full on panic attacks when the Wi-Fi or Internet goes down.

8. ...But fortunately, you've got the Netflix app on your phone, so you’re good to go!

9. You are on a first name basis with every single character and feel like you know them on a personal level.

10. You take it very personally when Netflix pauses to ask you if you are still watching…"Um, hello?Are you kidding me? How could you ask that, Netflix? Why would you think I would ever leave you?"

11. You even take your laptop into the bathroom with you so that you don’t have to pause your episode. #itsgettingserious

12. When you finish a series.. are absolutely distraught and and life seems to have less meaning...

But, then you are overcome with excitement when you find a new series to binge on and you fall in love all over again. #hallelujah

Ahh, thank you Netflix. I love you, I love you, I love you!

So whether or not you have finished all 10 seasons of "Friends," finally start bingeing "The Walking Dead," or are currently marathoning "Parks and Recreation," it is OK. There is absolutely no limit to how much you can watch/binge. Even though it is consuming your life, it is completely fine to be OK with it. Because Netflix truly is mankind's greatest creation.