11 Types Of Friends In Your Friend Group, As Told By 'Parks And Rec'

11 Types Of Friends In Your Friend Group, As Told By 'Parks And Rec'

"I care a lot, it's kind of my thing." -Leslie Knope


Each Parks and Recreation character is extremely different and unique in their own ways. Seriously; this show speaks to me on so many levels and I think we all have a couple "Parks and Rec Characters" that are in all of our friend groups.

Tom Haverford: The Hipster/Player/Flirty Friend

Tom is all about having the best of the best, flirting with anything that moves and commends himself on his charisma, sense of fashion and charm.

Jean-Ralphio: The Irresponsible Friend

We can all definitely relate to having a Jean-Raphio in our friend group... And if you don't know who it is, then it's probably you!

April Ludgate: The Hateful Friend

Throughout the entire show, April turns from angsty teenager to an adult that says what we're all really thinking, To be honest, she's my spirit animal.

Andy Dwyer: The Goofy yet Loveable Friend

Oh my goodness, I love Andy! He and April make the perfect couple and he's so adorably clueless and never afraid to be himself no matter how ridiculous he looks.

Chris Traeger: The Overly Optimistic Super Healthy Friend

We ALL have the overly confident and optimistic friend... Where it's almost annoying but you appreciate their confidence.

Gary/Larry/Jerry Gergich: The Under-Underrated Friend

Jerry is amazing, he's actually really talented and has an amazing life! Despite the fact that everyone picks on him but he takes it like a champ! We definitely all have that one friend who is always the butt of everyone's joke.

Donna Meagle: The Friend who Keeps it Real

We all need a friend who is loyal, yet fiercely honest with us. Even when we don't want to hear it, Donna is most certainly that friend, she tells it like it is, keeps it real and sometimes lets you ride in her Benz!

Ann Perkins: The Loyal Friend

Every friend group has that one friend who is insanely loyal to everyone no matter what. Ann once ate an entire Cheesecake at a party her and Leslie went to together so Leslie wouldn't look bad...Is that not true friendship or what?!

Ron Swanson: The Macho Manly Man Friend... that's always hungry and drinking...

I love Ron Swanson, he is the definition of a "man"... he hates human contact, drinks lots of alcohol and eats lots of meat. He also hates change and hates the government, but at the end of the day he's got a soft spot in his heart for the very few people in his life he considers "friends"...

Ben Wyatt: The Nerdy Friend

We all have that one friend who takes their nerdiness to a whole other level and while we like to make fun of them for it... deep down we really appreciate it.

Leslie Knope: The "Mom" Friend

People love to hate the Leslie's of the world. She is always constantly on and a fierce friend, she knows how to take care of everyone and when you are her friend you'll know it because she'll drop everything she's doing to be there for you in a heartbeat!

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