This past Wednesday, January 18, NBC announced that one of everyone’s all time favorite comedies, Will & Grace, would be returning for a ten episode reboot for the 2017-2018 television season. Over the past few years, many shows have returned to the small screen years after the original series ended. Many times, these shows that get revivals are ones that are adored by fans who want nothing more than to see what their favorites characters are up to once again, such as Full House and Gilmore Girls, both of which received revivals last year on Netflix due largely in part to the support of fans. So, what are other shows that everyone would love to see a reboot of? While the possibilities are endless, here are the top eleven television shows that deserve a revival:

1) Friends

2) The Office

3) Reba

4) The Nanny

5) Gossip Girl

6) Saved By The Bell

7) How I Met Your Mother

8) Sabrina The Teenage Witch

9) Seinfeld

10) Roseanne

11) The King of Queens