11 Truths All Activists Know

I am the campus leader of Salem State’s ONE Campus chapter, an offshoot of the national ONE Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to ending extreme global poverty. As a campus leader, I work tirelessly with my executive board and general body to educate and mobilize my campus to advocate for issues related to global poverty such as maturation, education, and preventable diseases. The life of an activist is interesting to say the least. You do things that normal people would typically not do or find a little strange. Here are truths that all activists can relate to.

1. You hate talking to people on the phone, except when it comes to politicians who you will happily call to advocate for your cause.

2.You sometimes feel like you annoy people with your constant advocating.

3.You follow an unhealthy number of political accounts on social media.

4.Writing letters to congress is just a daily task for you.

5.You like to watch documentaries on your Friday nights.

6. And reading news pieces about your cause is how you spend your time online.

7.You can spew quotes and statistics about your cause no problem.

8.Your social media accounts are filled with articles about your cause.

9.You get filled with rage when people tell you they don’t care about your cause.

10. Your dream celebrities to meet probably include fellow activists and politicians.

11. Every day you go to bed feeling like you made the world just a little better of a place.

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