11 Times It's Perfectly Acceptable To Start Jumping To 'Enter Sandman'
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11 Times It's Perfectly Acceptable To Start Jumping To 'Enter Sandman'

Exit light, enter night.

11 Times It's Perfectly Acceptable To Start Jumping To 'Enter Sandman'
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Alright, alright, alright. Hokie Nation is hands down the best place to be for not just for four years, but for lyfe. No matter where you are, no matter where you end up, you will always be "at" Hokie Nation. Because you are Hokie Nation. I am Hokie Nation. We, as Hokies, are all Hokie Nation.

What's a better place to be when jumping to "Enter Sandman"? Lane Stadium, of course! But honestly, you don't have to be in Lane to start jumping.

1. When your class gets canceled.

That sweet, sweet moment when you get the email from your professor two hours before class that class is canceled. You sprint home, throw on sweatpants, and literally fall into bed. It's a good time.

2. When the Qdoba line is short.

I've said it before but I'll say it again. The Qdoba line is nasty long, but when it is short, I literally feel like jumping up and down. I'll put on some Metallica and start jumping for some tacos.

3. When VT beats UVA.

I mean, cmon. UVA says all this shit about "wait until basketball season" when we beat them in football. HAHA, SIT DOWN, HOOS, BECAUSE WE BEAT YOU! But Hokies don't sit down. Start jumping.

4. Seeing the cadets run with the GAME BALL!

You know you gotta touch the game ball, Hokies.

5. Every time you see the Hokie Bird.

See him in Qdoba, see him in Hokie Grill, see him in the lib, see him casually sitting at the Pylons... every time you see the Hokie Bird, you just want to get up, turn on "Enter Sandman," and start jumping.

6. Ring Dance.

Traditions, traditions. Not just on Ring Dance, though, but when they announce the ring at ring premiere and they shoot off fireworks. Such traditions make me want to start jumping.

7. When you check your bank account and it's not overdrawn from TOTS last night.

Or when the TOTS line is nonexistent, tbh.

8. When you wake up not hungover and thought you were going to be.

This one... GOD BLESS YOU.

9. Getting an A on the exam you thought you were going to fail.

Crank that Metallica up and start jumping in your dorm room, because of BOI you smart.

10. When you park illegally on campus and you DON'T get a parking ticket.

Take THAT, @ VT Parking Services

11. Literally every time you drive through Charlottesville.

Every time I drive past Charlottesville or through it, I blast my "Enter Sandman" on repeat with my windows down and Virginia Tech sticker on the back of my car so that every Hoo out there KNOWS I go to Virginia Tech and is damn proud of it.

Go Hokies, Y'all.

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