It's safe to say that Harry Potter easily became one of the most iconic characters of all time when he defeated Lord Voldemort and saved the wizarding world. As awesome as Harry is, I feel as if Hermione Granger didn't get enough credit for how much she helped Harry throughout the series, especially during "The Deathly Hallows." I can't help but wonder just how far Harry and Ron would have gotten without Hermione's brilliant brain and quick thinking.

Harry and Ron are great, but there's no questioning that Hermione is the best. Here are 11 of the many times I felt Hermione Granger was the real hero of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

1. When she wiped her parent's memories to keep them safe, even though it meant they would forget her.

2. When Ron even admits they "wouldn't last two days without her."

3. When she had hers, Ron's, and Harry's belongings kept in her bag so they could leave right away during Bill and Fleur's wedding.

4. When she realizes Yaxley is apparating with them, so she quickly relocates them somewhere safe.

5. When she puts the protective charms around the campsite they are staying at so nobody will be able to locate them.

6. When she realized the Horcrux was affecting Harry too negatively and she told him to take it off.

7. When she didn't leave with Ron when he asked her to, simply so Harry wouldn't have been alone.

8. When she puts a spell on Harry to make him unrecognizable before they are brought to Malfoy Manor.

9. When she refused to give Bellatrix any information, even as she was being tortured.

10. When she realized that the Deathly Hallows symbol meant something.

11. When she was the best possible friend Harry and Ron could have asked for.