11 Things That Make You Cry If You're The Girl That Cries About Everything

11 Things That Make You Cry If You're The Girl That Cries About Everything

Sometimes you don't even know why you're crying.

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I could create a small lake in one month with my tears.

Obviously, I'm exaggerating, but that's what it feels like sometimes. One of the reasons I carry a water bottle at all times isn't only because hydration is important, but because crying is especially dehydrating. The box of tissues by my desk is for my allergies and my bad days. Well, not even just for my bad days.

"You cry at everything," my boyfriend says.

He's right. And if you cry at everything too, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

1. You cry when you're overwhelmingly happy.

Maybe someone just gave you a really thoughtful gift, your sister is getting married or you just landed your dream job. All the emotions start pouring out uncontrollably.

2. You cry while watching movies and TV.

"The Notebook" - a puddle. "This Is Us" - a pond. When someone overcomes adversity on "America's Got Talent" - an ocean.

3. You cry when you laugh really hard.

You also have that one friend you know can always make you laugh that hard.

4. You cry when you're stressed.

It can be hard to study for all three of your exams tomorrow when your vision is blurred by tears.

5. You cry when you're angry.

It's not a sign that you're caving in an argument; it means you're even more passionate about what you're saying.

7. You cry when someone randomly does something nice for you.

There's never a dry eye in the face of random acts of kindness or compliments.

8. You cry when you're leaving someone for a long time.

Whether you're saying goodbye to your family on move-in day, waving farewell to your friends after graduation or leaving your pet while you go on vacation, you know you'll miss them terribly.

9. You cry when you're reunited with your loved ones.

Even if it's just been one long day at work, seeing the face of a friend, family member, significant other or pet can mean the world.

10. You cry when your pet does something adorable.

Your dog is simply too pure for this world.

11. You cry for no reason at all.

Sometimes there is no explanation.

Sadness isn't the only occasion that merits tears; sometimes it's harder to keep a dry eye. No matter what anyone says, there's no shame in crying.

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