Before beginning my second semester, I made the decision to challenge myself by taking an 8 a.m. class. Freshmen don't usually get their first choice, but there were almost no people signed up for this class and I didn't question why. An 8am, twice a week? I said to myself, "I'm pretty sure I have this under control." The first day I had to wake up for class, I realized that it was too late to turn back, but I had to accept my fate.

1. Walking into your 8 a.m. while trying to have a positive attitude even though you were up all night watching Netflix.

2. Your professor's reaction when they assign a test or an exam.

3. The moment you remember that you had homework, but you also don't want to wake up at 6 a.m. to do it.

4. When you're sitting next to your friend and wonder how much more time is left in the class.

5. When you sit down to finish your homework the night before instead of the morning that it's due.

6. The feeling you get when your professor lets you out ten minutes early.

7. Seeing your friends when you walk into class.

8. Your professor's reaction when you make an attempt to participate.

9. When you just finished your homework assignment for that class, but then the professor adds two more tests in the same week.

10. That moment when you have to nudge your friend to help them stay awake.

11. And finally, what your professor says when it's thirty minutes into class, and no one has anything to say because it's still too early.