11 Thoughts I Have While Moving
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11 Thoughts I Have While Moving

Everyone knows that moving is a pain in the butt.

11 Thoughts I Have While Moving

At the time of writing, I am in the middle of moving. I think as everyone knows, moving is a pain in the butt. I always forget just how annoying it is until I have to do it again. I've moved twice in my life: the first time was two and a half years ago. So, I am just a little bit out of my element here.

1. I have too much stuff

I have furniture lining every wall and there is not a foot of space on my walls which has not been covered with photos, posters and other miscellaneous things. Every surface in my bedroom holds something. I don’t even have a desk space.

2. We are not getting that security deposit back

Command strips are supposed to prevent this!

3. How is there this much dirt?

I have a Saint Bernard and she tracks dirt all throughout the house. She walks through the dirt, she sleeps in the dirt and she loves the dirt. She’s not quite Beethoven, but the mess is still real.

4. Seriously, I don’t even use half of this stuff!

Why do I have a whole box of old photographs? Why do I have two cups full of pens? Why do I keep figurines and other decorative objects lining valuable surface space? I keep my dog’s cone in my closet, and I have way too many extra blankets.

5. Why am I so sentimental? Do I really need my high school awards?

I have pins from a math competition I was forced to compete in through my honors algebra class, I have a trophy from a science fair; I have all of these things that I don’t need, but I just can’t get rid of them.

6. I don’t want to leave—I’m comfortable here.

I have made this place a home. There are so many things wrong with this place: our landlord is a jerk and the back deck is falling apart, but I have settled here. I planted strawberries last year and I was looking forward to harvesting them.

7. Books are the absolute worst things to move.

They are big and heavy, so only a few can go into a box at a time. You cannot pack a large box full of just books because it’ll just be too heavy. I love my library and books are wonderful, but they are a bit of a pain to deal with.

8. It took me two years to get my room exactly how I want it, and now I have to leave.

I have re-arranged my bedroom several times and it finally feels like mine. I have spent hours selecting just which images get hung up. And now I have to tear it all down. It takes a lot of time for me to make a room feel like my own.

9. Does my dog really need to be shedding now?

There is fur all over my stuff! There is so much fur. It has covered all of my belongings and it is a significant annoyance.

10. Change is scary.

I am used to this house and the sounds that it makes. A whole new house will make many different sounds and it will take some time to get used to.

11. A house is not home, but it’s up to us to make it one.

I was skeptical about this house, but now I am attached to it. I am comfortable here. I have settled in and made this place my home. I am sure that I will eventually settle into and come to love my new home. Someday, I won’t just refer to it as the “new house,” but rather as “home.”

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