College life can be tough in a number of ways. Having that independence and responsibility can be truly overwhelming sometimes. I mean, I really love my college and the numerous opportunities it provides me with, but I have to admit, there's no place as sweet as home. I am still trying to figure out my life, but here is a list of a few things that makes college challenging.

1. I miss those days when food was ready for me when I woke up. Now I have to walk all the way to the dining hall to eat.

2. Snow-covered campus can be pretty but awfully annoying when you walk in it to get to class.

3. Why are textbooks so expensive? I didn't know I'll be spending most of my money on books that I'll never get to read after this semester.

4. There's just way too much hair everywhere in the communal bathroom.

5. I just hope I don't become a coffee addict by the end of the semester.

6. College sweatshirts are the greatest inventions ever--you can wear them everyday without being scrutinized.

7. I bet I'll get killer calves when I graduate after all the walking.

8. So, how do you do laundry again?

9. I feel like the library is my second home.

10. Oh yeah, I should probably start reading.

11. There's so many amazing, fun things to do on campus!