If you've landed yourself an internship, or simply have to commute into the city on the reg, then it's likely you've faced some tough mornings. Having commuted into Boston this summer via the commuter rail, there have definitely been some mornings where I boasted the ever-basic statement of, "I can't even." If you share the same struggle, here are a few thoughts you may have had during your daily commute.

1. Why is this so mother-freaking expensive?

$7.50 one way? Add $4.25 for parking at the station and that's basically $20 a day, and my bank account is crying.

2. Please don't have anyone sit next to me this morning.

I love sharing and all, but this morning I could totally use some space.

3. Maybe the conductor won't check for tickets this morning and I'll save that $7.50.

One can dream.

4. Is it just me, or is the train moving extra slow today?

I love when the train randomly stops on the track to let another one pass.

5. Okay, so now we're at how many more stops? 5? Hustle up people, find a seat.

The faster you sit the faster we move!

6. Thank God I have my earphones in ... time to pretend I'm in a music video and look dreamily out the window.

This should entertain me for the next five minutes.

7. I hope that guy wakes up before his stop.

Well it's his deal so ...

8. Oh God, now I'm getting sleepy.

I have to find myself a coffee ...

9. One more stop! Hallelujah!

It's truly an unexplainable bliss.

10. Alright, just gonna get up now and move to the front of the train car so I can get off the train faster than everyone else.

I'm so sly.

11. Farewell, Commuter Rail, I'll be back for you at 5:00.

Can't wait to do it all again!